LSP Responds to Records Request

Wrote Assistant Secretary for Legal Affairs Faye Morrison:

Your above referenced public records request has been forwarded to me for consideration and reply. Please be advised that we have begun the process of searching for documents responsive to your above referenced request.

Even though the search is ongoing, and documents of the agency are considered public records, the agency will avail itself of any statutory provisions which either exempts or prohibits production of documents responsive to your request. These exemptions specifically include, but are not limited to, those contained in R.S. 44:3 and R.S. 44:4. The agency will also not release information which may be exempt from release due to an individual’s right to privacy.

In accordance with R.S. 44:35(A), you are hereby notified that the estimated time reasonably necessary for collection, review, and necessary redaction of the documents which may be responsive to your request is sixty (60) days.

One the responsive documents are ready for your review, you will be notified in order to arrange a date and time to view the documents. If you prefer to receive copies of the documents, you will be notified of the cost associated with copying the documents.

See here the document.

2 Responses to “LSP Responds to Records Request”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Are they saying they don’t have to turn over the records if it violates someone’s privacy? Cause honestly they could use that excuse for everything. Dangerous.

    • Anonymous Says:

      There are limitations. You can withhold medical information, names of rape victims, names of officers working undercover, etc. The judge has the final say on whether it is exempt.

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