No Taxes on Water, Electricity

A proposed economic development district located on East Mississippi Avenue WILL NOT result in the city’s water and electricity customer paying a 1.75% sales tax as we reported yesterday.

We regret the error.

A commercial development is underway on the property, utilizing an old building that once housed the city’s diesel power generation equipment.

See here the complete resolution.

See here the complete ordinance.

7 Responses to “No Taxes on Water, Electricity”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Walker want to encompass the whole city in to a economic development district, Vote against ant new taxes.

    • Anonymous Says:

      The ONLY control we the people have over runaway groth of government is to LIMIT THE MONEY government can get its hands on. OUR MONEY.
      We cannot regain control of the federal government in part because it can create the ILLUSION OF MONEY through printing and borrowing (without the “consent of the governed”). We have little hope of regaining control of state government as long as the feds give billions to the state. We do have a chance at the local level. CUT THE MONEY OFF and watch how compliant local government becomes; how CONCERNED they suddenly are with what WE THE PEOPLE think; how THRIFTY their thinking and operations become. It’s a shame government typs simply will
      Not practice any form of thrift and continue to operate under the illusion that there is unlimited money from taxpayers and have the attitude that, for any government function, bureaucrats have the moral right to demand whatever money they want from taxpayers, and that taxpayers have the moral responsibility to cough it up without complaint.
      CUT THE MONEY OFF and they swimg right around to become more like the Founding Fathers thought government ought to be.

      • Anonymous Says:

        I once knew a “government type” who was incredibly thrifty. In charge of a lot of very expensive equipment. Saved the taxpayers a TON of money. One time got a talking-to because he didn’t spend money like it was going out of style. Ultimately got screwed by other government types in Lincoln Parish and is now living his best life because he’s not dealing with them anymore.

        Lincoln Parish government and Ruston City government is trying to play with the big boys and the incompetence is overwhelming. More taxes are not the answer. Better management is the answer. VOTE in EVERY election. Even the special ones.

        Especially the special elections.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    It was an easily forgivable mistake to believe considering where we are. We should be vigilant in guarding against any agenda with higher taxes than we have already and misrepresenting the truth either by accident OR maliciously.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Part of this vigilance (maybe the most important and effective part) is the credible threat that the MONEY WILL BE STOPPED if government does not function with consideration and respect for THE TAXPAYER.
      It is therefore important to VOTE DOWN TAXES whenever possible.
      There will be well-meaning people who argue that this is an ignorant position to take; that we need certain basic functions that only government can provide; that taxes are the price we pay for these functions, etc. etc. All this is true, but there is a larger issue at stake: WHO IS IN CONTROL? The People or the Government?
      Once “WE THE PEOPLE reestablish control over government, that is the time to determine what is needed and what is the proper function and amount of government.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    A day late and a dollar short, Walter. It was made clear when this ordinance was introduced that it was not a tax on the people of Ruston, much less on their water and electricity. We’ve heard you howl for years about the shortcomings of the mainstream media. You started this blog because of their faults. Now you have stirred up a bunch of people because you did not fully investigate before writing a story. You are becoming just like the media you abhor.

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