Police Jury Meets Today

The Lincoln Parish Police Jury will meet Tuesday, April 13, 2021, Lincoln Parish Library Events Center, 910 North Trenton. Committee meetings begin at 6:00 PM.

Public Works – agenda

Personnel/Benefits – agenda

Police Jury – agenda

31 Responses to “Police Jury Meets Today”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    New business/#9: What is the new tax they’re trying to pass? There’s no way to know based on this agenda. And they’re attempting to call a special election to dupe people in trying to pass it. Aren’t taxes in Lincoln Parish too high already?!

    • Anonymous Says:

      Right up there with the highest taxed in the state. If you look at total tax burden, we’re already 16th out of 50 in the nation according to some statistics. And what are we getting for our money? Out of 50 states we are last or next to last in several quality of life statistics, while our taxes are some of the highest, yet our quality of life is one of the lowest? What is the problem here? Please someone tell me.

      And now this parish wants to add another tax? To what end? Our taxes are, apparently, accomplishing NOTHING.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Louisiana is #1 in the southeastern US in taxes collected per capita, according to the Tax Institute.
        Louisiana now has a state budget of about $37 billion.
        I understand that the corporate income tax in Louisiana collects about $400 million. LA could completely eliminate this tax and try to be more business-friendly. BUT NO…
        LA could eliminate the personal income tax and be more people-friendly, if it wanted to, BUT NO…
        Louisiana is a basket case because politicians cater to the majority which are poor and ignorant and chase that ole’ mardi gras float of state government, crying “Throw me sumpthin’, mister!”

      • Anonymous Says:

        They’re padding the pockets of the people in charge, bae. That’s what they’re accomplishing.

    • Anonymous Says:

      That’s another attempt at the library tax. At a lower millage rate.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    With all the new housing and new business being built and added to the property tax rolls my question is. Where is all this new tax monies going? Taxes that were passed years ago has to be now bringing in more monies than they were bring in at the time of passage.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Let’s pretend that all the political BS has not happened in the last year. What has your pj rep done for you? Let’s do a little test shall we?

    Do you know him/ her? Are they available to you when you need them? Are you certain they have your best interests at heart? Trust me. They are depending on your disinvolvemwnt to be able to take this parish to a place you don’t agree with.

    So many problems they promised to address but are not addressed.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Let’s pretend that they hire an actual treasurer . Not contract one out ( who was their treasurer but then left for Walker and now returns making a pretty penny on contract because she insisted ) Yet she left Walker too. Moment of silence. Let’s pretend they get their act together and be grownups and stop the BS and stop doing kindergarten . Oh wait .

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Property tax brings in a little more money each year, because new property constructed during a calendar year goes on the tax rolls Jan 1 of the next year and is taxed at the existing millage rate.

    • Anonymous Says:

      That is not true for the General Fund which is the operating budget for the parish.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Real treasurers have been hired, they could not do there job for idiots so each left, one going to the Sheriff’s Office, one going back to doing work for the public. Look at the track record of the treasurers (take the Hartts out, neither of them should have been there) look at the other four or five. All left because no professional will work in that environment, an accountant will not work for a bookkeeper’s wage. They have way too many skills and much training to work for and with clueless individuals. Just look at the sales tax collection issue. the jury is afraid someone might lose their job, it would seem as large as this parish is, anyone worth keeping could be reassigned. Short sightedness or pure blindness on the PJ’s part. Statements are made how great the tax collection department is, and i agree they seem to be very competent and are very helpful. How about we reassign them to the library if they lose their jobs? Forget all the BS requirements in place for a director, let Denise Griggs and her staff run it. Better decisions would be made. If Ms. Griggs were running the library I might vote for the tax, otherwise it’s a no go. It’s past time for the circus and all the clowns to leave town.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Hyde was fired right? He wanted to negotiate higher pay. Not a good move.

    • Anonymous Says:

      I’m surprised Postel is not weaseling his wife into that position. She would actually be good . She’s good at what she does.

    • Anonymous Says:

      No professional will work in that environment. Such Such a true statement.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    The circus will continue. As long as the clowns are in charge. Let’s change that. Anybody reading this blog care to make a difference?

    Run for office. Be the change.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Who said Hyde was fired? Why would you fire someone who had glowing reviews the month before in an open public one ring circus meeting, a meeting where Postel was highly criticized. According to the RLD he resigned because the salary was way too low for the responsibility. What really happened during the next month when at the next month’s meeting Postel’s praises are sung by the same people who crucified him 30 days before? Seems to be a repeat similar to Calloway. Calloway and Hyde both are so much better off to have escaped the courthouse circus. Let’s see how long Hartt last.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Hartt didn’t last the first time! And now she’s not really permanent. She’s just contracted out to do their accounting but not really their treasurer .She seems to jump around from place to place.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Hyde was not fired.

    • Anonymous Says:

      The parish adjacent to Lincoln recently posted a position for treasurer for $110k. Which is more than Postel—the parish administrator—is making. Lincoln Parish is screwing its employees money wise.

  8. Tracy Calloway Says:

    The Parish Administrator is supposed to be the liaison between the jurors and his staff. Jurors should have little to no direct contact with any Police Jury employees. The PA should do more to shield the treasurer from the jurors inquiries. Courtney Hall repeatedly fed the treasurer to the twelve wolves. Holly got tired of it and left for calmer waters in the Sheriff’s office. It was an excellent move on her part, and she and the Sheriff’s office couldn’t be happier. Postel, due to his inexperience in local government and his penchant for throwing people under the bus, did the same thing to Hyde. Hyde basically said pay me more to deal with your B.S. or I’m leaving. Good for him.

    In response to Anonymous at 10:37a, I agree 100%. I can make a strong case for every juror in the Police Jury to be replaced. Some don’t need to wait until the next election. They should be recalled immediately before they do more damage. The one exception is Richard Durrett. He knows what he’s doing, he had nothing to do with my situation, and before he announced he was running for office he called me and told me the main reason he was running was due to my treatment at the hands of the Police Jury. So, yes, please run for office! Be the change! I gave serious consideration to taking the easy win over Matt Pullin, becoming a juror, bringing some sense to the jury, and having the joy of being Postel’s boss. But, ultimately I decided I had had enough of Lincoln Parish. I’m taking my passions and talents elsewhere.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Every meeting of this jury is a “one ring circus” meeting.

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