Jury Tables Sales Tax Collection Resolution

After a briefing by Louisiana State Representative Chris Turner (LA House District 12), the Lincoln Parish Police Jury last night tabled a resolution that would have put the jury on record opposing any legislation that would allow the Louisiana Department of Revenue to administer and collect local sales and use taxes.

Recently, some lawmakers have indicated that centralized collection was a major goal for the upcoming fiscal session of the legislature. Business advocates have said that companies that operate across multiple parishes find it cumbersome dealing with the many local tax collection agencies.

Changing the existing setup with a constitutional amendment would require a 2/3 vote of both the House and Senate, and approval of the state’s voters.

Turner said the proposals are still in draft form and have not yet been presented in bill form. He also said the collections would still be done locally, despite what had been said earlier.

Said Turner, “It’s still a draft, not a bill. We’re trying to capture all these sales taxes we’re missing. We’re not replacing anyone locally. There’s words that’s being worked out (collection and administration) in a bill right now, and it’s going to be a tough fight.”

Turner went on to say that much of the effort would be directed toward collecting sales taxes from internet purchases that local entities may be missing.

District Eight’s Skip Russel (who has been the LPPJ representative on the local tax commission for many years) noted that the local collection agency costs about 0.5% of revenue to collect taxes. He asked Turner what the state would charge to do job.

Replied Turner, “We’re still looking at that – there’s this number of 5% that’s jumping around.”

Turner said that Louisiana House Speaker Clay Schexnayder would be amenable to setting up a conference call to hear juror’s concerns.

Local tax administrator Denise Griggs spoke up to say that Lincoln Parish had been collecting online sales tax monies since the summer of 2020.

The vote to table the resolution was unanimous, but it was clear that jurors were very interested in the issue and would be discussing any proposed legislation with legislative leadership.

Earlier in the evening, the jury’s Personnel & Benefits Committee adopted a revised policy on board and commission appointments. The full jury ratified the committee’s decision.

Also, the jury called a public hearing for the April 13 meeting to hear input regarding an October library tax election.

9 Responses to “Jury Tables Sales Tax Collection Resolution”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    State of Louisiana cannot do anything right. Last in every category national wide. Do not let state get control of our tax monies.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    5% vs .5% ?!

    • Anonymous Says:

      I used to think Lincoln Parish was a pretty decent place to live. Used to. After this last year I’m questioning that. Do we not have decent people who can be voted in to make decent moral decisions? Ethical and moral decisions? We have a bunch of hucksters and hypocrites is what we have. Will not be voting for my juror again. If they’re hoping that time will heal the distrust they’ve created they are wrong.

      • James Says:

        The problem is not the new but the old. It’s the old who creates division. It’s the old who lied and manipulated the hiring process. It’s the old who creates racial tension among the jurors. It’s the old who holds back new ideas and refuses to move forward. As long as you have the 4 or 5 old in there, nothing will change. But I you can’t see that then you’re part of the problem as well.

        • Anonymous Says:

          You are correct James. This is not only true in the parish but also the state and the federal government.

        • Anonymous Says:

          That is how the game is played. Create confusion and division then promisiev them something for free and you win elections.

        • Anonymous Says:

          You are correct, Anonymous @ 7:41. But the real issue is who is the best at playing the game. The best at just bare bones 101 “Marketing”. “Sending the messages to the people that you want them to hear.” My bet it’s not the old. The old is just playing it how they see it. But the new? They know how that game is played because their families and race played it for decades or even centuries. Those old guards you’re referring to? They’re newbies at that crap…but obviously you are not…

          • Anonymous Says:

            I don’t agree. The “ new “created the current problem correct? The new hired Hyde that then left amidst a fiasco . The new hired Postel. And ditched Callaway. The new are ruffling feathers that should have been left alone for the old to handle.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    It’s all of them including Durrett. They all need to go!

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