2021-2022 School Calendar Approved

Lincoln Parish Schools will open their doors for students Thursday, August 19, 2021, following last night’s approval by the school board of the 2021-2022 school year calendar. The last day of classes for students and teachers is Friday, May 27, 2022.

Assistant Superintendent Lisa Bastion said the schedule exceeds the required instructional minutes mandated by the state.

Asked about any makeup time for the recent snow event, Superintendent Ricky Durrett said he didn’t think so, as the students were able to meet virtually during that week.

Durrett also updated the proposed summer school plans.

Said Durrett, “There’ll be more coming as we get to the end of the 3rd nine weeks next week. Hopefully, we’ll have the list of those who need to attend by the first of May.”

Earlier in the meeting, Business Manager Juanita Duke reported that tax collections were up almost $1/2 million from the same period a year ago, thanks to the 1/2 cent sales tax passed earlier this year.

See here the financial reports.

8 Responses to “2021-2022 School Calendar Approved”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Seven years ago there was a huge “fight” concerning the teaching of Algebra 1 to 8th grade students at AE Phillips. The new director (who has since been replaced) tried to convince the parents that it was not needed. She argued that kids who were only 13 years old didn’t have the mental capabilities to process the concepts involved in Algebra 1. She brought in “experts” from the state to try to convince us. Considering that many of the parents were professors at Tech–some even volunteered their time to teach the class for free (one of her arguments was that the teacher from the RJHS who had been teaching the class was not going to be teaching it anymore so…hey… budgeting issues). If you wanted to take the class you could pay $700 to take it online. Basically…the best K-8 school in the parish and possibly the whole of North Louisiana decided to dumb down their math curriculum. 20% of the kids in my child’s class–including my child– were identified as gifted…and assuming that they all needed the challenging math…the needs of at least 20% of kids at A E Phillips were not being met.

    Because of this I took my child out of A E Phillips to pursue the more challenging path in public school–RJHS. Apparently it was an open secret that the math program at Phillips was subpar. One of the best decisions I made. I had a much happier child who actually found a ton of friends who weren’t jocks or pretending they were better than everyone else. One of the teachers at RJHS, whose child was a student at Phillips at the time…clued me in to the weakness of the math program there.

    I had made the best decision I could for my child. But then…there was the possibility that we might move to Florida. While doing research I found that there was the possibility there to have your 8th grade student take Geometry. Holy S***! There had been a HUGE fight about the ability of 13-year olds to even be able to understand the concepts of Algebra 1, now I’m understanding that there are schools out there who provide their students with a challenging curriculum if they need it? Mind blown. Not an option in Lincoln Parish.

    Seven years later? Moving to Caddo Parish with a younger child who has gotten into Caddo Magnet–do your research–I find that indeed there are schools in Louisiana who provide that challenging curriculum for kids who need it. They’re just not in Lincoln Parish.

    Demand the best for your children. They deserve it.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Education in Louisiana in general is broken. But Lincoln Parish still has one of the best programs in the state.

      Post secondary is broken too. My kid got a 34 on the ACT and has a 4.27 GPA and got better scholarship offers from out of state schools than from LSU. And surprisingly those schools while ranking higher academically are cheaper than both LSU and Tech. I don’t get it.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Have you not seen the drugs in Lincoln parish schools? Or are you too worried about algebra?

        • Anonymous Says:

          I’m worried about kids getting what they need. If they get what they need they don’t do drugs. That could be algebra, that could be football, that could be any f’ing thing.

    • Anonymous Says:

      My sixth grade math class in 1969 wanted to learn algebra. Our math teacher informed us there was no one in the faculty that could teach algebra. But we learned geometry in fifth grade though.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Caddo? Really? The swamp of the region? You should have homeschooled.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Agreed. Caddo Magnet has a less than stellar history that prob precedes that parent’s age. More research should have been done.

        • Anonymous Says:

          If the problems preceded the commenter’s age, then perhaps they’re non-existent now? Caddo Magnet had 5 National Merit Scholars last year. RHS had one.

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