Cell Tower Approved for Tech Drive Location

For the second time in less than a year, location of a cell phone antenna tower became the focus of a lengthy discussion at a Ruston City Council Meeting. Last night, the council voted unanimously to not follow the recommendations of the city’s Planning and Zoning board, and allowed construction of a tower near the corner of Tech Drive and Bearcat Drive.

Planning & Zoning Director Jim Hayes told the council that the board voted 3-1 to recommend denial of the necessary variances and use permit. He said the board explained that a tower in that location did not match up with improvements that Louisiana Tech University was making in the area, and there were other nearby locations that weren’t considered.

Representing AT&T, New Orleans attorney “Chip” Leyens explained that the company had explored over a dozen other locations, and that the tower was needed to relieve overloading from other cell sites. He added that they had been trying to place the tower for five years.

Local attorney Kyle Greene spoke up on behalf of the Brasuell family, the owners of the site. He noted that they owned several business locations in that area, and would do nothing that would jeopardize the value of those properties.

Said Greene, “The Brasuells have agreed to do whatever it takes to change the landscape around the property. They can do it as a monolithic pole or a “pine tree” tower.”

The council unanimously approved both the variances and the use permit.

In other business, the aldermen approved starting the condemnation process for about 20 buildings/structures that do not meet the city’s codes.

3 Responses to “Cell Tower Approved for Tech Drive Location”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Camouflage the cell tower so it looks like the water tower from the tv show Petticoat Junction.

  2. Anonymous Says:


  3. Randy Says:

    Great article, thank you for the helpful info.

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