Library Tax Election seen for Saturday, October 9

Yesterday’s meeting of the Lincoln Parish Library Board of Control saw discussion about how best to ask Lincoln Parish voters to approve a tax millage that would fund operations of the agency. Also discussed was a “reduction in staff,” to make the library more economical.

Saturday, October 9 was the target date of the election.

Last December, voters defeated 57% to 43% a 5.85 mil, 10 year property tax, leaving the library facing a complete shutdown if the re-vote fails again. The budget has just about enough money to last through year-end.

Board Chair Augusta Clark said, “We’re going start looking at how we can do with less and combine some things.” Asked if that could mean layoffs, she added, “I don’t know how soon, but yes.”

The term “reduction in force” was suggested as a substitute for layoffs.

Clark said the proposed budget is being formulated, and will be submitted to the police jury for approval. The jury will then make the election call for a millage that will support that budget.

Budget meetings among the library staff, the jury administrator, and the contract accountant are already underway, with the goal of approving at the April 13 jury meeting an election call for that 10/9 election.

In other business, the board heard from member Amy Miller about the search for a new director. As was mentioned last month, the hiring process won’t begin in earnest until the fate of the tax election is known.

Miller presented a written report with some background about comparable salaries, job description, and advertising for the position. See here the report.

7 Responses to “Library Tax Election seen for Saturday, October 9”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Call a spade a spade. People are going to lose jobs. Jobs the library may not have needed, but were there for whatever reason. Pretty words do not make ugly things pretty. The jury should know that by now. Or maybe not. Let’s see if they can make this library bungle right. Not hopeful. They’ll wade through with some sort of half-assed fix, say some pretty words to make “it” go away, then go about their business as if everything is right with the world. As long as the voters keep voting yes.

    How ’bout we not send any of the trustees on a Retreat. It’s a start.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Don’t they call inmates at the Lincoln Parish Detention Center trustees? Maybe consider changing the name of the Library Trustee to something that doesn’t refer to inmates. Please form another committee to rename the members of this board.

    Like the previous post states “pretty words don’t make ugly things pretty”. When anyone loses their job it’s not good, regardless of what you call it. Is this some actor trying to deceive the public?
    Seems the Library Board of Control needs to be the beginning of the “reduction in force” or “layoffs”, more easily understood as FIRED!

    After all, they must need a rest from all of their hard work and we should give them one. Send them to the house as FIRED.

    A retreat when you are firing people, how cold can you get? This group of “Trustees” represents total incompetence, has the most lacking management skills, and seem to be just a group with serious narcissistic personality disorder. Do the terms grandiosity, lack of empathy for other people, a need for admiration, arrogant, self-centered, manipulative, demanding, and grandiose fantasies fit these people? Are they convinced that they deserve special treatment?

    I vote NO to any tax for the library as long as the Library is being run by this current group and serious significant changes are not made. I have very little faith in this group or the current Police Jury.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Inmates with special privileges are “trustys”; people in positions of responsibility for tge property of others are “trustees”.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Did any of you go to the meeting?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I hope one day our local government officials can gain back the respect that this current group has lost library, pj, whatever. This last 12 months was not good for Lincoln Parish.

    Also might be a good idea to stop publishing the pj meetings on the Leader youtube page. Our current crop of officials look like corrupt, incompetent fools to my friends down South. And that’s saying something considering we’re talking about South Louisiana here.

  5. Caleb Daniel Says:

    When I saw “retreat” on the agenda I had the same thoughts as some of the other commenters, but turns out that appears to be a misnomer. They said it’s a no-cost workshop for board members here at their own library. So seemingly no travel or taxpayer money is involved. Not really a “retreat.” I don’t blame Walter for not including that in the story — was really a footnote compared to the other topics. But since people were commenting about it, I thought I’d mention it here.

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