CARES Money to Fund Summer School

Money from the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act will be used to fund two 2-week summer school sessions, Lincoln School District Superintendent Ricky Durrett told last night’s meeting of the school board. He said that the classes will help students that may have fallen behind during the irregular school sessions over the past few months.

“In June – June 7 through the 18th we plan to have two weeks. It will be all in person. I do understand that we’re not going to make up a whole year’s time in two weeks, but we do have some kids who are slightly behind… some intense work will help out,” he said.

“We will come back July 12 and do two more weeks. By the first of May, principals will give us a list of everybody who qualifies to attend,” he added.

Durrett also said that Juniors and Seniors will be offered a week during the summer to help them prepare for the American College Test (ACT).

About 92% of the students are now meeting classes in person, with 8% meeting virtually, Durrett said.

During the business part of the meeting, several reports were delivered, including personnel and financial.

See here the documents.

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