Substitute Shortage led to Online Class Reschedule

A shortage of substitute teachers was the reason Lincoln Parish schools re-instituted the online/in-person schedules that had been used for the first nine weeks of the school year. The A/B schedule will be for grades 7-12 only. Schools had gone to full in-person instruction about a month ago.

Incoming District Superintendent Ricky Durrett said the shortage didn’t occur until the in-person instruction was under way.

Said Durrett, “When we’re on A/B day for seven through twelfth grade, they don’t need any subs because if I’m teaching a grade, and I don’t have kids – I’m doing it virtually that day – I can sub for those who are out.” He added, “That allows the subs we have to now all work in K through sixth, and cover those classes. We do realize that being in school every day is best, but right now by dong the A/B in the high school, when we do have somebody out, we can put a certified teacher in there to cover for it.”

Durrett said that C-19 cases were not significantly spreading among the students.

Assistant Superintendent Lisa Bastion cited figures backing up that observation.

Said Bastion, “Since August 19, the first day of school, 3.39 percent of our students have tested positive. We’ve had an influx of adults. Today, we have 43 employees out with either quarantine or having to isolate.”

Earlier in the meeting, the board heard from Business Manager Juanita Duke and benefits advisor David Charpentier regarding changes to the employee’s medical plans.

See here the memo and details of the plan.

Also notable in the meeting was the sales tax report for the month. With the addition of the new 1/2 cent sales tax, November collections were over $600 thousand greater than the 2018 and 2019 figures.

One Response to “Substitute Shortage led to Online Class Reschedule”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    If they are not educating our kids full time we should not pay full property tax for schools

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