Comments @ School Board Mtg

Prior to yesterday’s vote at the Lincoln Parish School Board, several comments were made by board members and the public.

District 10’s Otha Anders led the invocation, saying “we ask please that You point out the one to lead us to the continued growth, achievements, and success we have had” in the school district.

Grambling resident Veda Emerson claimed that racism still exists in Lincoln Parish and the school system.

Said Emerson, “You are so stuck on color and dealing with what’s been going on for ever and ever in Ruston, Louisiana…We black folks are supposed keep our places, and stay in our places.”

David Ferguson, District 10 said some of the email and phone calls he received were racist.

Said Ferguston, “We as adults have to respect one another.”

Hunter Smith, District 7, said he wished that more people would be involved in the local schools, and not just whenever a major issue surfaced.

Said Smith, “Get involved. Run for office. Volunteer for PTA. Go to a sporting event. Show that you care all the time, and not just when major decisions are involved.”

3 Responses to “Comments @ School Board Mtg”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Racism still exist because blacks are the most racist people on earth!

  2. Heisenberg Says:

    Who’s missing them some Heisenberg?!

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