Lisa Best switches to Durrett

After several impassioned comments from citizens and board members, the Lincoln Parish School Board moments ago voted 7/5 to appoint Ricky Durrett as superintendent of the district.

Switching her Monday vote for Lyons to Durrett was District Eight’s Lisa Best.

More reporting later.


4 Responses to “Lisa Best switches to Durrett”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    She took notes from Skip Russell. Way to stick to your guns, be consistent, and show people what you stand for! At least they didn’t appoint someone first and then backtrack…

    • Anonymous Says:

      She was contacted by a multitude of people in her district who urged her to vote for RD. There were posts all over facebook with her contact information.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Good way to make a decision…listen to your constituents.👏🏻 Please don’t think that’s sarcasm…

  2. Anonymous Says:

    A candidate with 30 years of known experience in the system is always hard to beat with an unknown. It is almost a sure thing Mr. D is going to be successful and it would be very difficult to make a credible case for any other candidate to convince the school board to go with a relative unknown. It represents a big risk they would be taking to vote for Mr. Lyons.

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