Interviews Precede Split Vote

Last night’s 6/6 split vote of the Lincoln Parish School Board followed over 2 1/2 hours of interviews of the two candidates – Ricky Durrett and Byron Lyons. Both were given identical questions by board attorney Jon Guice, followed by executive sessions where the board members asked questions.

The public questions took about 20 minutes for each, while the secret questioning lasted about 45 minutes for Lyons and an hour for Durrett.

Guice asked about the future of education and virtual learning in light of the recent pandemic events.

Said Lyons, “We have to prepare for the new normal. We have to come up with some professional development and teach teach teachers how to teach differently in the new normal.”

Durrett noted that face-to-face teaching was best, and that virtual learning was not “the be-all, end-all that takes the place of a teacher in our system.”

Lyons noted that he was a native of Lincoln Parish, attended Hillcrest and Glenview, and graduated from Grambling High School. He said he had held positions of increasing responsibility in several school systems.

Durrett told of his 30 year career in Lincoln Schools, from teaching and coaching at Simsboro and Ruston High, to principal tenures at those two schools.

Another special called meeting has been set for tomorrow (Wednesday, October 21) at 4:00 PM, Lincoln Parish Stem Center, 525 Tarbutton Road.

Here is the agenda.

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