Police Jury Passes on Chance to Unload County Market bldg

The long-held dream of some of the Courthouse Crowd for a shiny new courthouse on a hill is still alive, after the Lincoln Parish Police Jury last night turned down a million dollar offer to buy the old County Market building property.

A Florida-based developer had offered $1 million in cash for the property in a letter dated 8/31/20.

Parish Administrator Doug Postel told how the offer came about.

“The office has received multiple calls from this company. Finally, (LPPJ Purchasing Agent) Mrs Webb told them to send us an offer. I would like to send them a response.”

On a motion by Matt Pullen and a second by Marvin Franks, the jury voted unanimously to decline the offer.

The building and property has a long history with the jury ever since it was purchased in September, 2009 for $1.45 million. That same month, the jury borrowed $1.5 million to finance the purchase.

See here the act of cash sale.

Since then, plans and dreams to tear down the building, construct a new courthouse, and then turn the existing courthouse block into a park have waxed and waned. As is the case with all government dreams, the reality of finding the 20 to 40 million dollars to make the dream come true has been problematic.

Perhaps not as newsworthy, but definitely unusual, was the presence last night of several Union Parish Police Jurors, including President Johnny Buckley. They were there to ask Lincoln jurors to continue utilizing the Union Parish Landfill for solid wast disposal.

The contract adopted in 2010 is expiring this year. When it was adopted, the jury chose to go with the higher of the two bids.

White Oaks Landfill in Monroe is also soliciting Lincoln’s business.

Said Buckley, “We are still actively seeking to continue the relationship with y’all on your solid waste disposal.”

Lincoln Parish Director of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness Kip Franklin noted in his report that because of Hurricane Laura, FEMA had declared Lincoln Parish a federal disaster area.

District One’s Theresa Wyatt asked to be kept informed of the status of any disaster funding that might be approved.

Said Wyatt, “Would you pass that information on to us so we can pass it on to our municipalities.”

Of interest to Greater Ward One Waterworks customers is a vacancy on that agency’s board of directors. Any resident that might be interested in serving should contact their police juror or the jury office, as the full jury will be making that appointment next month.


17 Responses to “Police Jury Passes on Chance to Unload County Market bldg”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Wyatt has proven over and over again that she does not mind standing alone!!!!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes. ~ Ray Bradbury

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Why would any government entity decide to forego the transparency that is the bidding process? Especially when anything else looks so suspicious? Who gains from the elimination of that process? Who of these jurors owns stock in Enterprise? Just sayin’

    • Anonymous Says:

      If the vehicles are being bought from a contract previously bid by the state, as all other local government bodies do (which is required by state law), who has foregone the transparency of the bidding process? – the vehicles have ALREADY been bid (by the state), and every other Parish in the state buys them at that negotiated price. How exactly has the process been eliminated?

      • Anonymous Says:

        Despite the lie that flowed so easily out of Postel’s mouth, Enterprise is not the only company who provides the fleet management services that the parish needs. It’s not about the bidding for the cars but the management of the fleet by Enterprise with no opportunity for other companies to bid for the contract. Glad to know the issue is tabled as of now.

        • Anonymous Says:

          So your objection is not to bidding of the vehicles, but to the bidding of the fleet management service?

          “Materials and supplies, and public works, not services”

          From LA Bid Law:
          Q.81. Are the professional services sought by local political subdivisions and other local entities subject to the Public Bid Law?
          A.81. No. Local governments and political subdivisions are not required to advertise, receive bids or engage in competitive negotiations for contracts for professional services. Nevertheless, sound practice dictates seeking the best price available for the service sought to be performed. Sound practices include seeking quotes, using an RFP process, or simply following the Public Bid Law. If an entity does follow the Public Bid Law when it is not required to, it must follow all the rules of Public Bid Law for that purchase.
          Q.82. Are other types of contracts for services subject to the Public Bid Law?
          A.82. No. The Public Bid Law is relevant to the procurement of materials and supplies and
          public works, not services.

        • Anonymous Says:

          Maybe what’s flowing from Postel’s mouth isn’t lies – but what’s flowing from yours is sheer ignorance?

          • Anonymous Says:

            Is he wrong for demanding transparency and fairness from his government officials? Those are not things they’ve been known for in the past.

          • Anonymous Says:

            This kind of distrust of this jury is inevitable. If they can’t see why, then they all need to be replaced.

            • Anonymous Says:

              This jury has 6 members (50% of them) who are newly elected, as of the beginning of the year, and all 6 of whom have a combined zero years experience in local government. Given that, and that after only 10 months they seem to be starting to figure some of it out, and get some of it right.,,,
              Is it really time to call for them all to be replaced? Or is their political infancy understandable to some degree?
              They’re coming around. They’re getting their feet under themselves. There IS a brain of the operation, somewhere…

              • Anonymous Says:

                Those 6 new members have been a part of some shady behavior in the last 6 months. Not “political infancy” kinda stuff.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    At first glance it looks like the developer is trying to buy that property and a heavily discounted price. IF they do want to sell it, it would have to be done by public bid. So in my opinion, their response was the correct one.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Yes. A good decision on the part of this jury. Have they suddenly become literate in what it takes to be good public servants? I doubt it. Their past does not speak well for them.

  5. Adverse Credit Scores Says:

    Adverse Credit Scores

    Police Jury Passes on Chance to Unload County Market bldg | Lincoln Parish News Online

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