Restaurants Added to Ruston Tax District

Several restaurants were added to Ruston’s “Economic Development District” at last night’s meeting, and will be charging customers the 1.75% additional tax enacted two years ago that funds the city’s sports complex.

The tax district’s boundaries have been changed several times to take in new establishments and remove those no longer in business.

Among the additions:

  • Common Goods, LLC – 107 North Trenton
  • PJ’s Coffee of New Orleans – 1736 Farmerville Hwy
  • Big Boyz Smokehouse – 812 Lewis St
  • Extreme 33 Energy and Nutrition – 2314 Common Court, Ste 1
  • KaCee Dillas – 1800 Indiana Ave
  • Dorian Asian Fusion – 307 East Georgia Ave
  • Chicken Salad Chick – 1300 Maxwell Blvd
  • Trio’s Dining – 101 Pelican Blvd
  • La Bodeguita – 914 South Vienna St
  • The Platter – 708 Celebrity Dr

See here the ordinance.

The council also approved one year cooperative endeavor agreements with Ruston Girls Softball Association and Ruston Youth Baseball.

Originally, the proposed agreements were for three years, but the council decided that the terms should be for one year only.


6 Responses to “Restaurants Added to Ruston Tax District”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    My family and I eat out a ton. But I will never set foot in any of these restaurants or any other in Ruston. Not because I have anything against them, but because of the taxes and what they are used for It’s just a matter of principle. Ruston has one of the highest tax rates in the state of Louisiana. It’s absurd. And the citizens are just letting it happen. This is an educated group of people. Why are they letting this happen?

    I am not against taxes. But it would be nice to have trust in our elected officials that they spend our tax dollars wisely. I have zero trust in Ruston/Lincoln elected officials. Especially based on their behavior since the beginning of June. And whatever the issue is with this FEMA grant. It’s just too suspicious. And the citizens seem to be apathetic. Sad really.

    • Anonymous Says:

      And their appointees. Postel has always seemed so squeaky clean. Doesn’t look like it now though does it?

      • Anonymous Says:

        Postal while @ Choudrant High School prevented a Dollar type store from being built across from school. He is for Postel and Postel only.

        • Anonymous Says:

          No issue with that. Serious issues, however, with what’s been going on since June. And nobody has answered the question of why he was fired from Delta.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Money, the root of all evil. And Lincoln Parish has more than their share of evil people. Most will claim to be GOD fearing, moral and physical conservatives, couldn’t tell it by the way they vote. Lincoln parish is full of government employees that will vote to take away others money to give to themselves. Case in point: the new tax to give pay raises to school board employees. Voting on this tax was scheduled with only one other tax on the ballot. This vote should have been scheduled with other items on the ballot such as Nov 3. Would have saved money. But school Board knew that voters do not turn out for small elections therefor we have a better chance to win.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    What is tha sales tax on a funeral? Is there a remote possibility a person can die without being taxed?

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