Bottle Clubs Outlawed in Ruston

Bottle clubs, where patrons are allowed to bring their own booze for consumption on premises, are now illegal in Ruston, after the city council unanimously passed an ordinance to that effect. The action came at last night’s meeting of the body.

Ruston Police Department Chief Steve Rogers said the establishments had become a problem in downtown.

Said Rogers, “Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen instances of where these things would blow up to 100, 200, 300 people downtown. It would take a whole for us to work these things at night. We were getting complaints downtown from the business owners with trash and alcohol bottles left around town.”

Rules for private clubs were also modified by the ordinance.

See here the ordinance.

Another ordinance adopted involved emergency medical services (EMS).

Fire Chief Chris Womack said that ordinance clarified who provides EMS, and that within the city or the parish, the Ruston Fire Department would be the first responders.

Pafford Medical Services, a private provider, serves as backup if all the RFD units are tied up, Womack said. Also, RFD handles only emergency services, he said, and that private transfers are done by private providers like Pafford.

Ward Four’s Jim Pearce said that he had several calls on the issue.

See here the ordinance.

Administrative Services Director Jay Ellington got approval for a resolution to hire Hunt, Guillot & Associates (HGA) to provide consulting services for the sports complex. The service will provide booking for the complex, staffing and procedures, and management consultation.

Ellington noted that the complex is booked for almost all weekends between now Thanksgiving.

Asked by Pearce about costs, Ellington said the one-year contract was about $100 thousand.

Two other proposed contracts were delayed, Ruston Dixie Baseball and Ruston Girls Softball Association. During discussion, some council members were uncomfortable with the proposed three year term.

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