LPPJ to Discuss 2020 Property Millage Rates Tuesday

Look for a bit of discussion at the 8/11/20 (Tuesday) meeting of the Lincoln Parish Police Jury regarding property taxes. The jury’s Finance Committee has on it’s agenda the following:

Discuss Adjusting and Levying Tax Millage Rates for 2020

Discuss Setting Forth Adjusted Millage Rates and Rolling Forward Millages Not to Exceed Maximum Authorized Millages for 2020

The items are for all five taxes the jury sets rates for – the general alimony tax (one rate outside Ruston’s city limits and one inside), the two road taxes, and the two library taxes.

For 2019, the rates were set at 3.65/1.82, 4.41, 4.41, 4.65, and .55, respectively.

The maximum rates that can be levied are: general alimony – 4.0/2.0 mils, roads – 4.41 and 4.41 mils, and library – 4.41 and .55 mils.

Location: Lincoln Parish Library Events Center, 910 North Trenton

Finance Committee – 6:00 PM – Agenda
Personnel/Benefits Committee – 6:30 PM – Agenda
Police Jury – 7:00 PM – Agenda

6 Responses to “LPPJ to Discuss 2020 Property Millage Rates Tuesday”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    The Finance Committee Agenda is on here twice. Once where the Personnel Committee Agsnda should be.

  2. PayMe Says:

    I hear it’s a roll forward: basically a tax increase. New jurors smell the money…

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Is this a reassessment year???

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Get your pocketbooks out…

    • Anonymous Says:

      Get your pocketbooks out?…
      The combined increase, parish-wide, is $25,000/yr. the intent of the roll-forward is not to collect additional tax, but to preserve the now-maximum rate.
      3 examples:
      1. If you own no property, a primary residence worth $75,000 or less, you pay ZERO dollars more than you’re paying now.
      2. If you own a primary residency worth $175,000 – after the $75,000 homestead exemption you pay $7 more per year than you were paying before – a WHOPPING $7/year.
      3. If you own $1,000,000 in commercial real estate, you’ll pay an additional $70/yr in tax. That’s about equal to the cost of driving a family of 4 through McDonald’s 3-4 times in one year. If you own a million dollars in property, you can afford an extra 3-4 trips to McDonald’s a year.
      “Get your pocketbooks our” is the most ignorant, uninformed, and proud-to-be-stupid response imaginable.

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