More Details on Lincoln Schools Opening – Property Tax Rates Adopted

Last night’s meeting of the Lincoln Parish School Board heard from several of the district’s supervisors on the plans for reopening schools.

Assistant Superintendent Lisa Bastion said that teachers would be supplied with facemasks, face shields, thermometers, sanitizers, and wipes.

Meals will be supplied weekly to those students who choose to attend virtual school, enough for five day per student, she said.

Students who don’t have internet connectivity will be supplied with mobile WiFi hotspots, she added.

In response to a question about what the procedure would be if a student became ill, she said that the first task would be to determine if that person had a ‘close contact’ (within 6 feet) with anyone else. The student would have to quarantine for 14 days.

Elementary Supervisor Lisa Mangum said that elementary students would be attending school five days per week, and would stay in the same class all day, and interaction between classes would be very limited. Some children will eat in the cafeteria, and some in their rooms, with the goal of keeping areas from becoming too crowded. Students who eat in the cafeteria will be seated so that no one will be across the table from anyone, she said.

Secondary Supervisor Ricky Durrett said that students would have their temperatures taken before boarding a bus, and masks will be worn. Should a bus become too full before completing its route, several buses will be on standby to handle the overflow, he said.

Junior high and high school students will attend schools every other day, Durrett said. An estimated 3500 students will be attending school, while 2100 will attend virtual school.

In other business, the board approved property tax rates for 2020.

See here the memo and resolution.

12 Responses to “More Details on Lincoln Schools Opening – Property Tax Rates Adopted”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Horrific scenarios await all of us

  2. Heisenberg Says:

    So sad! Walt’s cult can’t do anything but bitch online. The Jefferson Corner and McDonald’s coffee groups are a bunch of talk. Ronny Walker is the savior of Ruston.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Nothing is sadder than Marxenberg.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Vote no on all taxes. Defund

  5. Anonymous Says:

    When government schools no longer educate on the 3 R’s, history and science instead of teach on the so called common core and social ills it is time to cut back on funding until they start real teaching again.

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