Lincoln School District Supt Milstead to Retire

Lincoln Parish School District Superintendent Mike Milstead has told school board members that he will retire at the end of 2020. The information was revealed in a memo distributed today along with the agenda for next week’s meeting of the board.

See here the memo.

Milstead was formally appointed to the job in April, 2015, and began the job July 1 of that year. His contract was renewed in 2017.

An accompanying memo recommends that the board hire attorney Jon Guice to assist in the selection process for a new superintendent.

9 Responses to “Lincoln School District Supt Milstead to Retire”

  1. godleyworks Says:

    Please tell me they have Interview and hiring protocols in print in place. No need for Deja Vu for LP.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Good. Bout time

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Why hire an attorney to oversee the process?

    • Anonymous Says:

      To uphold fairness and follow equal rights guidelines.

      • Anonymous Says:

        The school district’s attorney: The district’s attorney can provide suggestions regarding the process and may also bring experience with superintendent hiring to the table. The board should consult with the district’s attorney throughout the recruiting and hiring process.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Because they learned something from the police jury? I hope someone did. Doesn’t seem that the pj is learning anything from their mistakes.

    • Anonymous Says:

      They learned a lesson with what just happened in the police jury? Although, I don’t think the pj has learned it’s lesson yet.

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