Library Tax Millage Vote set for Saturday, December 5

With an 8-2 vote, the Lincoln Parish Police Jury last night approved a resolution calling a Saturday, December 5, 2020 election for re-imposition of an expiring property tax dedicated for operation of the Lincoln Parish Library. The proposed tax is for 10 years. The expiring tax was approved 10 years ago.

On a motion by Skip Russell (District 8) and a second by Logan Hunt (District 5), the yes votes were Russell and Hunt, and Theresa Wyatt (District 1), Hazel Hunter (District 2), T. J. Cranford (District 4), Glenn Scriber (District 6), Joe Henderson (District 9), and Milton Melton (District 10).

The two no votes were Marvin Franks (District 3) and Matt Pullin (District 7). Sharyon Mayfield (District 11) and Annette Straughter (District 12) were absent.

The vote came after about 25 minutes of discussion on what rate to set the millage. The expiring rate had been set at 5.99 mils, maximum, and the new resolution calls for a 5.85 mil rate, maximum. Recall that for the past few years, a lesser rate was actually collected so as to deplete an excess balance that had accumulated in the library’s fund.

For the tax year 2019, the rate collected was 4.65 mils, while the 2018 rate was 3.2 mils.

Franks suggested that a lower rate be asked for, and that he was dubious the voters would approve the 5.85 rate.

“We need to look at lowering that millage to get through the election and get it to pass,” he said. “I want a millage that will pass. And my gut feeling is this millage won’t pass,” he added.

Library Director Vivian McCain said the additional money was needed to help with the greater number of students that would be homes-schooling this year. Many students likely will be using the library’s computers and internet connection to keep up with lessons, she added.

“We feel like we need to put more money into the technology so that can bring those people in,” she said.

Pullin asked, “Do they need $2.7 million next year? Absolutely not.” He noted that the 5.85 rate would collect about $300 thousand more than the library’s present budget calls for.

See here the resolution as adopted.

During the earlier Personnel Committee meeting, Parish IT Director Tracy Calloway was allowed time to make comments regarding the recent controversy over the hiring of the Parish Administrator.

Calloway read from a prepared statement where he alleged that the hiring procedure was “fraught with poor training, poor leadership, illegal activities, lies, and a colossal lack of integrity.”

He suggested that the recent appointment of Doug Postel should be rescinded, a new hiring procedure be adopted, and a do-over of the interview and hiring process.

Calloway went on to suggest that the full jury vote to “immediately remove” District 8 juror Skip Russell from the body. He accused Russell of “serious lack of integrity, and either ungodly or immoral behavior.”

See here the complete statement.

The committee took no action after Calloway’s remarks.

The committee did hear from Personnel Director LaTonya Lacey who reviewed with the members a draft personnel hiring procedure. Many suggestions were made, but the committee took no action, and decided to further discuss the proposal in a future meeting.

14 Responses to “Library Tax Millage Vote set for Saturday, December 5”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    vote no on all tax renewal or new

  2. Anonymous Says:

    vote no!!!!!

    • Anonymous Says:

      Let’s be clear. Matt Pullin and Marvin Franks want to say no. But what they’re saying here is that they’re not willing to pay for the students who need library access because their parents can’t afford access of their own. This next year is going to be brutal for students. Why make it harder for those who can’t afford the internet access that is necessary for them to succeed as students? Yes Matt. Yes Marvin. We’re looking at you.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Drama in the pj what should we expect looks like Calloway was the only innocent one

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Skips once said about himself I have a right to lie I’m a politician.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Skip Russell had his RV motor home licensed in Montana to evade Louisiana and Lincoln Parish Sales Tax.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    library takes in a huge amount of money with a staff bigger than any parish agency except for the sheriff’s office

  7. martelle Says:


    Library Tax Millage Vote set for Saturday, December 5 | Lincoln Parish News Online

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