LA Atty Gen: Bel Edwards’ Mask Mandate Unconstitutional

In summary, the three provisions of the executive order – the mask mandate, the 50-person indoor/outdoor gathering limit, and the bar closure – are likely unconstitutional and unenforceable. Although the mask mandate and the 50-person limit may be good recommendations for personal safety, they may not be enforced with financial or criminal penalties. Both businesses acting under color of law as mask police and actual police acting as mask police could face liability if individual civil rights are violated due to the Proclamation.

Jeff Landry
Attorney General

See here the complete opinion.

3 Responses to “LA Atty Gen: Bel Edwards’ Mask Mandate Unconstitutional”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Jeff Landry maybe wishing he had worn a mask now that he has COVID 19

    • Anonymous Says:

      15 days to flatten the curve. Moving goalposts. Bootlickers.

    • COTG Says:

      The masks don’t do anything. The virus passes right through it. Do your research. Wear it if you think it’s going to save you, but you are just punishing yourself for no reason. Think about it. It’s all theater.

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