LPPJ Committe Recommends Employee Covid Protocol

Last night’s twelve minute Health & Welfare Committee meeting of the Lincoln Parish Police Jury recommended to the full jury a one-page “protocol” on how Covid-19 cases would be dealt with among employees.

The recommendations define exposure or close contact, and details procedures when an employee is sick, has symptoms, or is exposed. The document also “highly encourages” employees to wear masks when social distancing isn’t possible.

Committee Chair Annette Straughter said, “I ask that you please consider this as a protocol and not make it a policy, because as we all know day-to-day Covid operations, diagnosis, testing changes.”

After a few minutes of discussion, the protocol was adopted, with an amendment to have employees fill out a weekly checklist to be signed. If any two signs or symptoms are noted, then the employee would be tested for Covid-19.

Prior to the meeting, Straughter distributed a photo of a “face mask exempt card” that is Americans for Disability Act approved.

2 Responses to “LPPJ Committe Recommends Employee Covid Protocol”

  1. William Nelson Says:

    Your link to the “Face Mask Exempt” card is the proper one. It shows the label, “FRAUD” across the card. I fact checked that one a few days ago and it is, indeed, a fraud.

    • Anonymous Says:

      The cloth face mask mandate is a fraud. Government is a fraud. The education industry is a fraud. The Democrat party is a fraud.

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