Shreveport Mayor Face Mask Order Stripped Away

Judge halts Shreveport mask mandate; congressman threatens lawsuit, calling mask order ‘overreach’

By Ben Myers – The (Baton Rouge, LA) Advocate

A Caddo Parish judge on Friday temporarily halted Shreveport’s citywide mask order, two days after Mayor Adrian Perkins issued it, KSLA reported.

Rep. Mike Johnson took to Facebook on Thursday to criticize Perkins for “overreach,” and to announce the lawsuit would be filed.

“The maintenance of public health is critically important – but so is defense of the CONSTITUTION,” Johnson wrote.

BREAKING: Shreveport Judge Blows Up Perkins’ Mask Mandate

Sure wish we had something like this in Baton Rouge. But congratulations to the business community in Shreveport for, at least temporarily, striking a blow for freedom and the constitution at the expense of hysteria and tyranny.

See here the lawsuit

9 Responses to “Shreveport Mayor Face Mask Order Stripped Away”

  1. Bill Nelson Says:

    The inconvenience of wearing a mask pales in comparison to someone getting COVID-19. I realize the mask won’t do me much good, but it will help prevent others from getting sick, should I unknowingly be infected. With the long lag time between getting the virus and being affected by it, none of us know for sure if we’re virus-free or asymptomatic, but infected. I’ll do my best by distancing and wearing masks, washing hands frequently, etc. to prevent passing it along to anyone. I’m glad that Gov. Edwards has implemented a mask order. I don’t equate inconvenience with loss of freedom.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    So mr Nelson will be wearing a mask from now on because there is always a virus in the air.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Ima be safer than Bill and never leave home again. I win.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Not sure why people don’t think they should have to wear masks when students and teachers will be forced to.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    the mask mandate is just that… its not a law therefore it has no teeth

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Who is being cited? 1. I haven’t seen a complete list, but the vast majority of the law enforcement agencies have said they will not be enforcing it. 2. Businesses, yes, the very ones that have been hurt the most through all this mess, will be forced to be the bad guy by JBE and will be forced to enforce the mandate. THEY can be cited/fined/license suspended if they don’t enforce the mandate.

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