Some Lincoln Parish Parents Want to HomeSchool until Vaccine

According to Lincoln School District Superintendent Mike Milstead, about 25% of parents will not physically send their children to area schools this fall, and will opt to use online learning.

“It looks like 25.4% plan to educate their children at home. In the comments section of that survey the reason for that was that they wanted to keep them at home until there was a vaccine,” he said.

Milstead said he would be meeting with principals this week to discuss plans for opening next month, and would notify the public next week.

Regarding transportation, Milstead said that with the reduced attendance, there may be enough bus capacity to transport the children without double routes. About half the students ride buses, he said.

Milstead said that although students would be required to wear masks, there would likely be no ‘discipline referral’ for students who might have problems with masks all day long.

“We are going to urge principals and teachers to be very lax about kids, reminding them to keep their masks on. The typical 8-year old is not going be able to keep that mask on all day,” he said

Milstead also talked about sports and the “very possible” chance that all fall high school sports might be cancelled. He said that it would be a problem for some students, as sports are a motivating factor for them.

The decision on the sports would be made at the state level, he said.

Milstead’s remarks came during his comment period at last night’s meeting of the Lincoln Parish School Board.

Earlier in the meeting, the board voted to authorize insurance consultant Brown & Brown to conduct a complete survey of the district’s medical insurance plan. Costs have grown over the past few years, and the study will attempt to locate areas of cost savings and report results to the board.

Here’s the memo.

34 Responses to “Some Lincoln Parish Parents Want to HomeSchool until Vaccine”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    The governor needs to step up. Require masks. Nobody in Ruston is enforcing even though was mandated for restaurants and retail to even reopen. We are heading for another shut down because people won’t abide by rules unless forced. I certainly won’t send my children to school in middle of this circus .

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Stupid people,including Gov

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Mayor Walker should mandate the use of face masks. You go in any grocery store and In other places of business in Ruston and the majority of customers do not wear masks. And guess what, the Walmart super center has had managers and other staff test positive. That is insane! It is dangerous for seniors and others at risk to shop. The city and parish leaders want the economy to bring in those tax dollars. Mayor should get priorities in order and mandate the use of masks to protect those vulnerable people and the workers.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Restaurants are testing positive too. But staff don’t wear masks. Do we tell police? Health department? Who? Few bad seeds will get entire parish closed again.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    What restaurants aren’t wearing masks? Every one I’ve been to all employees have been wearing masks.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Trust me there are some valid points about Ruston. Don’t get me wrong I love my doctor, but not even the employees in his office are wearing a mask including him. 😳

  5. Anonymous Says:

    They saw you coming.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Rumor around town us Portico wasn’t and then it bit the owner in butt since he had to close due to corona. Maybe he changed his views now. El Jarrito sometimes does and others doesn’t. I heard Dawghouse isn’t but I’ve never gone there. Menu doesn’t appeal. Sundown tries but each time I see some are and some aren’t. Champs isn’t . Hot Rod definitely is. Chili’s is. We need education too in how to wear masks. The nose has to be covered. And you can’t take food to a table without it. But then all restaurants will be closed again soon. Should have masked up long ago.

    • Anonymous Says:

      There is a failure of leadership in our city to lead by example. They are too busy spending money and want all businesses open collecting sales taxes.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Fools, so many fools

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Flatten the curve!

    Look, people, the coronavirus will never go away. It will claim the lives it claims. The remainder will become immune.

  8. Heisenberg Says:

    All you covidbros, you want so bad for people to stay home and make people wear masks and strangle their liberties. You don’t bother to read the actual statistics of the death rates which are nil. Only reason to push this is to make mayor walker look bad with infections that aren’t even his fault. My suggestion is quarantine at Walts house, I hear he has great chips and video games…

    • Anonymous Says:

      It’s Walkers fault if he doesn’t mandate mask wearing like neighboring cities have done

    • Anonymous Says:

      No one wants to hear your smarty remarks. People are getting sick and dying and why do you want to make light of this serious situation?

    • Anonymous Says:

      Uncertainty principle, also called Heisenberg uncertainty principle or indeterminacy principle, statement, articulated (1927) by the German physicist Werner Heisenberg, that the position and the velocity of an object cannot both be measured exactly, at the same time, even in theory.May 27, 2020.

      Some anonymous poster is pretending to be a lot smarter than he actually is by co-opting the name of a man who deepened the study of physics. Positing opinions that have no basis in reality.

      • Heisenberg Says:

        Impressive research, we’re flattered.

        Anyway, It’s funny that you coronabros go on and on about wearing masks, when your leader Walt doesn’t wear one in public. We’ve seen him at public govt meetings without a mask, endangering the lives of the elderly in attendance. Read the actual statistics and stop fanning the flames of hysterics

  9. Anonymous Says:


    • Anonymous Says:

      Restaurants CAN be enforced . They were allowed to reopen on the condition that all staff wear masks. Walker doesn’t control that. Fire marshals office is monitoring . They are stretched thin statewide but will eventually give citations upon inspections which are unannounced.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Governor just made mask mandate statewide. His order stands . Not a dumb Shreveport lawsuit.

        • Anonymous Says:

          The Governor’s mandate is not legally enforcable, counselor.

          • Anonymous Says:

            Try to go in store or restaurant tomorrow and see just how it won’t be enforced. He encouraged public to call and report anyone not wearing. Businesses will be given warnings then the fine is $500

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Man has been wearing face mask since the beginning of covid 19 scare but now has the virus. Man lives in Lincoln Parish. So much for face masks.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Man needs to stay at home!

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Most likely does stay at home but whom has he infected before he tested positive. So much for face masks

    • Anonymous Says:

      Man needs better face mask

      • Anonymous Says:

        Did man hang out at bars? Nobody wearing masks? Bar/ restaurant owners thinking they are invincible? Eat at restaurants where employees have been allowed to not wear masks? Sketchy behavior causes sketchy disease .

    • Anonymous Says:

      Which is the argument fro face masks. To protect other people. Not yourself.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Man is GOD fearing person. No bar room hopper. Seldom every eats out. You will have to come up with some other reason,

  14. Anonymous Says:

    They care more abt being a A district and frickin test scores than about the health of kids and teachers

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