LPPJ Administrator Pay Settled

The newly hired Lincoln Parish Police Jury Administrator will be paid $96,300/year, a correspondent has told Lincoln Parish News Online.

We are out of town and were unable to attend last night’s meeting.

The vote was 7 to 5.

Retiring Administrator Courtney Hall was initially hired at a starting pay of $77,200/year in 2009.

For 2018, Hall’s salary was $108,600/year, plus about $30 thousand in retirement and medical benefits.

11 Responses to “LPPJ Administrator Pay Settled”

  1. Pay2Play Says:

    No wonder there wasn’t much interest in the job: dealing with the politics plus low pay. Now I understand.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    So, the starting salary for entry level was set at $73,798.40 (https://tinyurl.com/y772gkue), and this gentleman, who has no prior Parish Administrator experience, comes in at nearly $100k per year. Not even a probationary period to prove one’s worth, eh? Must be nice to know people.

  3. Walts second cousin, twice removed Says:

    Pay someone $70,000 to run an entire parish’s operations and put up with 12 jurors, some of them dimwits, then you’ll always get what you pay for. Glad Doug is getting paid, he deserves more for what he’s about to go thru.

    • Heisenberg Says:

      And just to follow up, those dimwits know who they are 🍷

      • Anonymous Says:

        One of them is Heisenberg. Witless in fact.

        • Heisenberg Says:

          You elected these jurors that made Doug’s hire such a circus. Thank the Lord you have new jurors that can hopefully make a change. And they started with hiring Doug. He already needs a raise just for putting up with this b***s*** his first week in the job.

          • Anonymous Says:

            These jurors are a disgrace to the parish . Stand by your original decision to hire Tracy . I’m ashamed to live in Ruston and will also be changing my insurance agent . What a mess . Disgusting yet eye opening .

          • Anonymous Says:

            Of course. Leftists are entitled to everything.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Typical political theater bs. Defund police jury members. Turn parish administrator into elected position.

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