Dumpsters and Burners and Dogs, Oh My!

There was other activity at Tuesday’s meeting of the Lincoln Parish Police Jury, specifically the parish’s solid waste collection system, and what the future holds for it.

Solid Waste & Recycling Chair T. J. Cranford said during that committee’s meeting that issues with the parish’s dumpsters were one the top two complaints from constituents.

“We need to open up, discuss…about what are some of the possibilities, some ideas,” he said.

Glen Scriber asked about the possibility of adding another megasite somewhere in the parish. A megasite is a fenced and lighted location where several dumpsters are clustered.

David Green, a marketing rep for Republic Services told the committee that if the jury decided to adopt door-to-door pickup, it would cost between $13 to $15 per customer.

That company already serves Bienville Parish’s sold waste collection and disposal. A memo was distributed that describes how that parish is served.

Lincoln Parish H.E.L.P. Director Ronnie Dowling suggested that a budget study be done to determine an accurate cost.

Several jurors suggested a mail-out to parish residents describing how the existing system works, with phone numbers and suggestions on how best to use the facilities.

Also suggested was increasing the frequency of the dumpster pickups.

No formal action was taken by the committee.

Cranford told the committee about an ongoing problem with the contractor who handles the wood waste burning at the parish landfill off Highway 33.

In 2012, the jury hired Crochet Equipment Company to furnish equipment and personnel for that task, at a cost of $156 thousand/year.

It was estimated that Crochet has about 900 tons of unburned waste at the landfill. It was explained that the company lost it’s license to operate from the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) for several months, and has been unable to catch up.

The jury’s contract with Crochet stipulates that the unburned inventory shall not exceed 200 tons.

The committee voted to have the parish’s legal counsel send a letter to Crochet about the problems, and also voted to apply to the DEQ for a permit for the jury, with the intent of doing the wood waste burning with parish personnel.

During the public comments period, Grambling resident Gary Baldwin spoke about problems in the area with vicious dogs.

Earlier this year, former juror Nancy Wilson was severely injured by a dog that attacked her. Baldwin said that two weeks ago she was almost attacked again.

Baldwin said that when the sheriff’s office was notified, the deputies said they weren’t allowed to transport dogs in their vehicle, and that the animal control officer only worked weekdays.

Jury President Joe Henderson said the issue would be addressed.

One Response to “Dumpsters and Burners and Dogs, Oh My!”

  1. CanCan Says:

    Ask them who cleans up the roadside trash when dogs and wild animals turn over the roll-to-the -road cans before they are emptied.
    Be sure you aren’t trading one problem for 200.

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