Milstead: “At Some Point You’ve Got to Get Kids in the Building”

Lincoln School District Superintendent Mike Milstead last night told members of the Lincoln Parish School Board that if you tried to plan for every eventuality concerning the Covid 19 virus, schools would never reopen.

Said Milstead, “If we plan for every contingency that could possibly happen, we won’t have school. At some point you’ve got to get kids in the building.”

He noted the problem of trying to operate school bus routes with 10 or 12 passengers per bus, instead of forty.

“That won’t work well,” he said.

“We’ve got to have school. Start school, and then do the best we can. There are so many nuances associated with this process, that making every threat to every kid go away is impossible,” Milstead added.

He said that it was likely that “virtual” or online classes would be held every day, so that students that were sick at home could keep up with their studies.

Students that don’t have a computer or smart device would be provided one, and would be paid for with federal grants. Internet service would also be provided.

Implementation of the plan is already underway, Assistant Superintendent Lisa Bastion said.

Earlier in the meeting, Ruston Elementary School Principal Mandy Brown was recognized as a semi-finalist for 2021 Louisiana Principal of the year.

District Seven board member Hunter Smith said that his oldest son attended Ruston Elementary, and that he was excited that his other two would soon attend there.

“There was not a more impactful year for my oldest son than the year he had at Ruston Elementary,” he said.

One Response to “Milstead: “At Some Point You’ve Got to Get Kids in the Building””

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Does the Education Industry do anything other than give each other awards?

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