Does This Mean It’s Now OK to Attend Church, Eat in Restaurants, Etc?

Louisiana U.S. Attorneys Working with Federal, State, and Local Law Enforcement Partners to Ensure Peaceful Protests


United States Attorneys David C. Joseph, Western District of Louisiana, Brandon J. Fremin, Middle District of Louisiana, and Peter G. Strasser, Eastern District of Louisiana, jointly announced today that the U.S. Attorney’s Offices in Louisiana are joining federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies in their efforts to preserve Louisiana citizens’ rights to free speech and assembly while protecting our communities from violence and destruction.

“The demonstrations in Louisiana have been peaceful and I applaud Louisianians for exercising their First Amendment rights in a non-violent manner,” said U.S. Attorney David C. Joseph.

“Our Constitutional right to peacefully protest is a time-honored bedrock principle upon which our great nation was founded, and it should be protected,” said U.S. Attorney Fremin.

“Our office remains dedicated to protecting our citizens and upholding their Constitutional rights,” said U.S. Attorney Strasser. “The First Amendment gives every citizen the right to assemble and protest peacefully. Through the collaborative efforts of our local, state, federal and community partners, we will continue both to ensure our citizen’s lawful right of self-expression and work with our first responders to maintain civility.”

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