Interviews Set for Parish Administrator

Interviews of the eight candidates for Lincoln Parish Police Jury Administrator has been set for Monday, June 1, and Tuesday, June 2, 5:30 PM, Lincoln Parish Library Events Center, 910 North Trenton.

The matter was discussed at last night’s meeting of the jury, and the consensus of the body was to have four interviews each night, of about 20 minutes each.

There was also considerable discussion about the role of current administrator Courtney Hall after the new hire is made.

Late last year, Hall made known his desire to retire, and shortly thereafter the process began to accept applications for the position. He has also said he would remain as long as needed to orient the new administrator.

Jury President Joe Henderson remarked that Hall’s status could be discussed in an executive session after new administrator had been selected.

Said Henderson, “Let’s discuss that then, once we choose the new administrator, and when we are in executive session, we can go into that part.”

Assistant District Attorney Lewis Jones, who serves as the jury’s legal advisor, cautioned the jury about that.

Said Jones, “If the agenda just says you’re going to interview candidates for the administrator position, y’all need to be careful to be careful about talking about the other job for Mr. Hall when you go into executive session.”

Treasurer Chris Hyde noted during his budget report that the funds that are most dependent upon sales taxes are the solid waste fund and the detention center fund. Also, the Lincoln Parish Park depends upon a hotel/motel tax that has been impacted by the economic lockdown.

During the Public Works Committee meeting, there was some discussion about the grass cutting crew only cutting the shoulders of the parish’s roads, rather than the complete right-of-way. It was said that this was done in an effort to catch up, and that the rest of the right-of-way would be mowed later.

Right-of-way cutting had been a significant issue in last fall’s jury elections.

One Response to “Interviews Set for Parish Administrator”

  1. CutterDan Says:

    The PJ should step up and hire some additional
    People in the highway dept so they can care for the roads and mow them right. Tired of excuses.

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