New Way of Teaching Coming to Lincoln Schools

Significant changes are coming to the way Lincoln Parish School District students will receive their education, according to a new plan unveiled at last night’s meeting of the Lincoln Parish School Board.

Assistant Superintendent Lisa Bastion said “Regardless of what happens (in the future), our students have to continue learning.”

The different style of teaching could be implemented during school closures, or if schools were to open in shifts, with some students attending the first part of a the week, and the remainder the rest of the week. Also, a flexible school calendar may be part of the plan.

She said “Lincoln Strong Start 2020” will plan for delivery of virtual instruction in some form. Possibilities include video recorded lessons that could be viewed live or sometime later, online instruction for students, a technology device for all students to access the information, and connectivity for students who don’t presently have that capability.

The recently enacted CARES act would provide funding for purchase of the technology devices.

Said Bastion, “Online learning for the students would become a normal part of the learning process.” She added, “We know what we have to do, and our employees are committed to doing what they have to do help our students.”

The plan would be for all students, K through 12.

The board also approved reducing the May salary supplement check by $800 for certified employees, and $400 to support employees, per recommendation by district leadership.

Danny Hancock (District Five) was the only no vote.

A couple of board members apologized to employees for voting for the cuts, but said it was necessary because of the revenue shortfalls.

Business manager Juanita Duke said that further cuts would likely be needed, and that further changes for the health plan are being reviewed.

Despite the plea by several House of Raeford representatives for an industrial tax exemption, the board voted unanimously to deny the application.

The company is building a new poultry feed mill in Simsboro, that will replace an old facility in Choudrant. The new mill is expected to support about 80 more growing houses than at present.

Added 5/14/20 – 1:45 PM

Here’s the presentation made by Lisa Bastion

Lincoln strong start 2020

  • Foundation to a strong start
  • High Quality Curriculum
  • High Quality Teacher Development
  • High Quality Assessments

Major Focus for Lincoln

A professional development plan with options for versatile delivery of training on curriculum, instruction, and technology, in anticipation of school closures or modified operations

  • Identify student’s academic needs
  • Have a plan for each student’s unfinished learning
  • Provide support for early readers
  • Provide for emotional, behavioral, and mental health screenings and services
  • Provide compensatory education and support for students with disabilities

A Strong start for every student

Options for Lincoln

  • All teachers would deliver virtual instruction regularly so students and teachers are comfortable if school closures or modifications are required. Teachers would be required to have designated “office hours” to address questions, re-teaching, or enrichment for students or parents.
  • Teacher recorded video lessons in all classes would be available for students to access. This access could help students who are absent and serve as a strategy or support for struggling, homebound, or home school students.
  • On-line instruction would become part of the normal teaching process.
  • All students would receive a technology device to use and be responsible for, and students in grades 3-12 would carry devices to school and from school everyday.
  • Students would receive grades (either numerical or P/F) on work completed through online instruction.
  • Suspended and or alternative school students would have access to teacher recorded instructional videos.
  • On-line learning would become part of the normal learning process.

Requirements for Receiving federal monies

  • Administer high quality screeners in ELA and Math to students to assess their learning needs
  • Continue with aligned curricular materials in core classes, and non-core courses; continue students on their graduation paths
  • Provide supports for social and mental health, English Learners, and students with disabilities along with services and devices (including compensatory education reviews and services)
  • Develop a comprehensive professional development plan for teachers to address distance learning protocols and methods by June 30
  • Continue to provide training for mentor teachers and content leaders either virtually or in-person
  • Develop an adaptive staffing plan to be used during school closures or during modified operations
  • Develop a plan to reopen schools following state and local public health guidance
  • Adopt a flexible school calendar to maximize learning opportunities throughout the year
  • Develop a strategic communication plan, which during school closures or modified openings would ensure that teachers are connecting with students daily, feedback is provided weekly to students, and assist families in understanding their role in their students’ continuous learning
  • Provide 1:1 student ratio for devices AND connectivity for all Pre K-12 students for use at home
  • Maintain at minimum, the same number of Pre K seats as in 2019-2020 school year.


2 Responses to “New Way of Teaching Coming to Lincoln Schools”

  1. Oops Says:

    Can the SB learn to make it with less $$?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    did the school board vote to deduce their monthly money during the shortfall??

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