West Feliciana Defies Bel Edwards’ Orders

West Feliciana to reopen despite governor’s coronavirus order and health experts’ concerns

BY YOUSSEF RDDAD | The (Baton Rouge, LA) Advocate

In a departure from the state’s stay-at-home order amid the coronavirus outbreak, West Feliciana Parish will soon allow diners to eat in at restaurants, worshippers to return to church and libraries and museums to have visitors as long as they limit their capacity.

Parish leaders announced Wednesday they plan to loosen restrictions that have been in place since March. They say the parish is ready to reopen because of its low case count.

“What fits in New Orleans and Baton Rouge doesn’t fit us here,” said Parish President Kenny Havard. “We’re just asking people to use common sense.”

After meeting with restaurants this week, Havard said, they will have the option to resume table service as long as they limit their capacity to 25% and workers wear masks and gloves. People will also be allowed to visit libraries and museums, which will also be subject to similar rules and occupancy limits.

Houses of worship will be allowed to resume services but will be required to follow federal social distancing guidelines, such as wearing masks and remaining 6 feet apart from others.

Stores, banks, restaurants, museums, libraries, churches and all public buildings are also required to post signs warning that people over age 65 and those with underlying medical conditions are especially vulnerable to the virus.

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