Chickens. Home. Roost

LSU interim president asks school leaders to prepare for budget cuts

By Holly Duchmann – Baton Rouge Business Report

LSU is bracing for possible cuts of state funding because of the coronavirus, says LSU Interim President Tom Galligan, who has asked school leaders to prepare for some 5% to 10% worth of budget cuts.

Galligan, who spoke this afternoon at the Baton Rouge Press Club’s virtual luncheon, was upfront about the uncertainty facing the school but offered little regarding LSU’s fall classes and upcoming football season.

Though spring commencement has been postponed, it hasn’t been canceled. Like the football season and on-campus classes, the activities will begin when it’s safe to do so, he says. This fall, larger classes may be held online while some of the smaller classes will be held in bigger rooms to allow for social distancing. The campus workforce’s return will be gradual and will occur before fall classes begin.

“We may well face less funding than we would have hoped for and we will react accordingly,” Galligan says. “We were already planning for the possibility of receiving less than we otherwise had. We’ve shifted our financial model over the past 12 or 13 years from being 80% funded by the state to significantly less. Maybe one of the things to come out of it is that we’ll be less adversely affected from this than we would have 12,13 years ago.”

It is an immutable Law of Nature that if the host dies, the parasites have nothing upon which to feed.

4 Responses to “Chickens. Home. Roost”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Kick all the left wing anti christ people out of their ivory towers.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    TAF is more intelligent than the LSU administration.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    You must stop with this language of parasites. If public institutions and public goods are parasitical, then the notion of the “public” as such is parasitical, and therefore also the “We the People” which is their animating spirit.

    Though you do not mean it, your language reverberates with authoritarian themes and suppositions. If there are problems with how we govern ourselves, then help us solve them. But the answer is not – and cannot be – that we cannot govern ourselves.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    We the people need to throw the parasites that has never produced any tangible goods and has reaped the benefits of the working. class. Not all parasites are bad but never the less they are parasites that depend on tax money provided by we the people.

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