Ruston City Council Meets on Facebook

The Ruston City Council, like the Lincoln Parish Police Jury last week, met remotely for the first time ever last night, via a live Facebook internet feed.

At City Hall for the meeting were Mayor Ronny Walker, Carolyn Cage (Ward 1), and Bruce Seigmund (Ward 5). Also present were several city staffers. Phoning in to the meeting were Angela Mayfied (Ward 2), Jedd Lewis (Ward 3), and Jim Pierce (Ward 4).

A live camera focused on the council meeting table during the broadcast.

Much of last night’s hour-long meeting was discussion about a house located at 905 South Maple that had been severely damaged in last April’s tornado.

Bill Sanderson, Code Enforcement, recommended that the owner be given 30 days to bring the structure up to code, or the city will demolish it.

The property owner, Joseph Svetlecic, commented via Facebook that he had volunteers that were willing to help him rebuild.

Seigmund, within whose district the house is located, asked for a 60-day timetable.

Asked Seigmund, “If we gave them 60 days, and he was able to make some progress… we could give them more time?”

Other aldermen said that the owner has had almost a year to work on the property, but had done nothing. Walker agreed, noting that the property was in a subdivision.

Segimund moved to give the owner 90 days, but no one seconded. The motion for a 30-day timetable was passed on a 4-1 vote, with Seigmund voting no.

Earlier in the meeting, the board approved a $128 thousand project to renovate an office building at the sports complex for the Senior Center and VFW meeting hall. Walker said the money for the project had been appropriated prior the current emergency, and the bid process was underway. Other projects have been put on hold, he said.

Prior to the meeting’s adjournment, Walker asked for continued prayer to help with the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I ask you to continue to pray for our city, our state, our nation, and our world. Because there is only one answer to any of this, and that’s through God.”

The videos of the meeting are archived here.

10 Responses to “Ruston City Council Meets on Facebook”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Heisenberg has lockjaw.

  2. Heisenberg Says:

    Walts blocking us because he can’t debate intelligently. We’re not going anywhere. What happened to your belief in free speech Walt? Guess it only applies when the speech agrees with your agenda, Schiff

    • Never been published Says:

      Nice try, but we want your followers to know you’ve been blocking us for a week because you’re scared to back up your bs slanted stories. Kudos to goading us thinking you had us blocked, lockjaw

  3. Anonymous Says:

    We need more Heisenberg!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Not a debate sight. Just the truth. Which you can’t stand. The truth hurts demo rats feelings.

    • Walters blocking us Says:

      So you don’t care that Walt was blocking us? That’s a true demo move, believe in free speech until it doesn’t suit you? We’re Trump supporters all the way, we just don’t agree with how Walter hogs the limelight by smearing folks he doesn’t agree with. Not looking for a debate, just fair and balanced reporting (that’s foxnews catch phrase in case you didn’t know that)

  5. Who’s got lockjaw now, Walt Says:

    We’re Walters karma janitor…stay tuned

  6. Anonymous Says:

    A lot of people profess to being conservative. But are they really?

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