Monroe Judge Holds Hearing on 2nd Circuit Controversy

Fourth Judicial District Court (Morehouse, Ouachita Parishes) Division C Judge Wilson Rambo yesterday stayed discovery by the plaintiff Jeff Mercer in his lawsuit seeking to overturn a Second Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that overturned an earlier jury verdict

The original 2015 jury trial awarded Mercer damages of $20 million after the jury found that Louisiana Department of Transportation & Development employees harassed and intimidated Mercer after he rebuffed a shakedown scheme from those employees. Mercer’s company at that time had several ongoing projects with the DOTD.

The 2nd Circuit ruling completely voided the jury verdict, because they claimed the jury was improperly instructed.

A year after that verdict, the 2nd Circuit’s Chief Judge Henry Brown abruptly retired after he was caught trying to influence the decision of fellow court members in a case involving a “close female friend” of Brown’s.

Mercer in his lawsuit alleges that Brown improperly influenced his adverse ruling, and has subpoenaed court records and documents that he says would prove his assertion.

In yesterday’s action, Rambo, clearly uncomfortable at having to hear a case that involves a court that supervises him, stayed any discovery from Mecer, and also denied the defendant’s motion to quash Mercer’s subpoenas. He later amended that denial to say that it would be held in abeyance until other matters could be ruled upon.

Rambo also did most of the talking during the 2 1/2 hour long hearing, and said that the other matter involved ruling on a motion from the defense claiming that the plaintiff had no cause of action to sue. Rambo said he would issue that ruling soon.

Jay O’Brien, one of the DOTD attorneys, argued that his clients did nothing wrong regarding the 2nd Circuit’s ruling.

Said O’Brian, “Where’s the ill practice?” on his clients part.

Mercer’s attorney, David Doty, said that what the 2nd Circuit did deprived his client to his right of a fair hearing, and that the documents sought were necessary to show what happened.

The 2nd Circuit’s attorney, Bernard Johnson, said that production of documents would jeopardize the court’s ability to deliberate freely without fear of their work papers being made public.

Johnson, on behalf of the 2nd Circuit, had filed a motion to seal all the court’s papers.

Doty replied that there was an overwhelming public interest in finding out whether or not the court acted properly, and that the people had a right to know.

3 Responses to “Monroe Judge Holds Hearing on 2nd Circuit Controversy”

  1. kbp Says:

    I read all I could find on this case, including the links you provided this past December. This has exposed corruption from top to bottom in your state… still being swept under rug!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Louisiana more corrupt than NY, New Jersey, Chicago and DC.

    • Anonymous Says:

      From the time of French and Spanish rule onward. It’s ingrained in the culture now.

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