Last Meeting for Six Lincoln Police Jurors

Six Lincoln Parish Police Jurors – Randy Roberson, Bobby Bennett, David Hammons, Walter Pullen, Jody Backus, and Nancy Wilson – met last night for the final meeting of 2019. All either were defeated or chose not to run for re-election.

Bennett, Wilson, and Roberson all said they were privileged to have served their constituents, and that they expected the jury to be sworn in January 2020 will serve Lincoln Parish well.

There will be some other new faces in the staff, also.

Treasurer Holly Lowry will be leaving in April to take a job in the Lincoln Parish Sheriff’s Tax/Accounting office. She has been the Treasurer since early in 2019, and served as interim since the summer of 2018.

Administrator Courtney Hall, who had earlier this year announced his retirement, said last night he would stay on until after the new jury was organized in January.

Also, Lincoln Parish Registrar of Voters Dianne Stone submitted her resignation last month and will be retiring effective 12/31. The registrar is not a jury employee, but is appointed by that body.

Look for lots of folks to apply for the job.

During the Public Works Committee meeting, there was a bit of discussion about some localized problems with parish roads.

District Eight’s Skip Russell said that a couple of roads in his district have been damaged by oilfield truck traffic.

“Chandler and Cheatwood Road – those big 18-wheelers that are hauling water that’s re-injected back into the soil – they have eaten those two roads up,” he said.

District Ten’s Nancy Wilson mentioned Water Tank Road, and District Six’s Walter Pullen cited the roads in the Crestview subdivision.

See here the three year plan.

During the full jury meeting, the final amended budget of 2019 was adopted, along with the proposed 2020 budget. Here are the documents:

2020 Budget Message
2019 Amended Budget Ordinance
2020 Proposed Budget Ordinance
2019/2020 Budget spreadsheet

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