Lincoln Schools Retirees to get new Health Plan

Most retired employees of the Lincoln Parish School District will begining January 1 utilize Medicare as their primary health insurance, after the school board voted to adopt plan changes at last night’s meeting.

Medicare eligible individuals are those who are 65 or older and have paid into the program during their working careers.

Retirees who are not 65 or haven’t paid into the system will stay on the existing district retiree plan.

See here the memo and plan summary.

The board’s insurance consultant, David Charpentier, said that increasing costs necessitated the changes.

“Staring January 1st anybody who retires, will have to enroll in Medicare, A and B, in order to be eligible for any plan,” he said.

Several principals received salary increments for improved student performance. Those rewarded include:

Tony Antley – Choudrant High School
Dan Gressett – Ruston High School
Rusty Farrar – Simsboro High School
Angela Hoffman – Simsboro Elementary Director
John Young – Ruston Junior High School

Also, there was a presentation on the district’s French Language Immersion Program by a group of 4-year olds and their teachers. Language immersion is a technique used in bilingual language education in which two languages are used for instruction in a variety of topics

Program coordinator Corinne Nutt said the program was implemented this school year, and is the first program north of I-10 in Louisiana. Benefits are manyfold, Nutt said.

“A recent study of 85 thousand students in North Carolina showed that those who had immersion had higher overall reading and math scores. In some cases they scored two grades higher than their peers,” she said.

Two of the district’s four teachers are Belgian natives, one is from Canada, and one from France.

2 Responses to “Lincoln Schools Retirees to get new Health Plan”

  1. No Mas Says:

    Maybe they should be teaching kids English…

  2. $$$ Says:

    Running out of other peoples’ money I suppose…

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