Jail Cost Overruns to be Funded by Budget Surplus

Lincoln Parish Detention Center expansion construction costs that are greater than estimated will be funded by surplus funds in the jail’s operating funds, the commission that operates the jail voted this morning.

The action came after Warden Jim Tuten said that the architect’s estimate was short almost $900 thousand for the 96-bed addition to the jail. The estimate was about $2.7 million, including furniture and fixtures.

“We were about $880 thousand short of what we needed to be able to completely finance the addition. I would like to get a recommendation from the jail commission that we transfer that additional $880 thousand that’s necessary to completely fund the new building,” Tuten said.

He noted that the jail’s operating budget had a $2.5 million surplus as of September 30.

The new addition has been under discussion for the last few years.

An average of about 30 of the jail’s inmates are housed in other area jails, at a cost of about $1 thousand/day, Tuten said.

Once the money is transferred into the jail construction fund, the balance of the cost will be borrowed from the US Department of Agriculture.

The Lincoln Parish Police Jury will have to approve the winning bid and authorize construction after funding is secured.

Mann’s Construction of West Monroe had the lowest responsive bid.

In other action, the commission set meetings for November and December to review and adopt next year’s budget.

3 Responses to “Jail Cost Overruns to be Funded by Budget Surplus”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    We need a bigger jail. Look at how much money we’ll make housing state prisoners! We’ll be rolling in dough!

  2. GetYerFactsFirst Says:

    Housing state prisoners is the reason the 1/4 cent sales tax that supports the DC is not more than twice what it is now.
    Those inmates are mostly locals who are able to serve their sentences close to home and family, which greatly eases their visits, etc.

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