Lincoln Parish Sheriff’s Race – The Money, Pt 2

George Webb is the next Lincoln Parish Sheriff’s candidate we report on.

Here are Webb’s significant (over $1000) contributors:

Sidney Billberry – $1,000
Blades Electric – $1,500
Cooper Welding – $2,500
Lloyd Grafton – $1,000
Lowell Oxford – $1,000
Ruston Maintenance Services – $1,000
Ponchatoula’s – $1,000

Webb donated $1,500 to his own campaign. Oxford also donated $1,450 for NRA banquet tickets.

Significant expenditures include the Decal Shop and Low Tritt for signs and campaign management, respectively.

Here is the complete report.

11 Responses to “Lincoln Parish Sheriff’s Race – The Money, Pt 2”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    No campaign violations here.

  2. Walter 😍 Heisenberg Says:

    More brave journalisming here Walt, I’m sure these fine folks giving to the campaigns of candidates they believe in really appreciate you publishing their names on this s**thole forum. Yes the names are public record, but you doxing these people for your agenda will only make them think twice about giving to political campaigns in the future… must be a blast at parties…..

    How bout you chase that golf course story in Jackson parish where the rec board is trying to steal 3 mil from taxpayers instead of harassing innocent donors….but that would take work. Let’s see if you’re up for it ….

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Same information available on Sec of Stare site.

    • Hindenburg Says:

      It’s louisiana ethics board website, genius. This is why your boy Walter publishes the names, so that he’s sure you’ll see them. He knows most folks following this forum don’t have a clue how to find this information on their own so he makes it easy. No different than what that lib in San Antonio did to trump donors. Good luck in life being a Walter defender, or at least stay anonymous…..

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