Lincoln Parish Sheriff’s Race – The Money

This is the first of three reports on contributions and expenditures for the upcoming election for Lincoln Parish Sheriff.

Today, we have Randall Hermes‘ report that was filed on 9/12/2019.

Among the significant (over $1,000) contributors:

Marie Braswell – $1,000
Tommy J. Folk – $1,500
Margaret Hoogland – $2,500
Michael A. Jones – $1,500

There were two in-kind contributions:

Don Cochran: $1,400
Driggers Outdoor: $1,109

Hermes has loaned his campaign $21,950

Two Monroe companies, M. R. S. and Quest Comm Consultants, are his largest expenditures. They have provided mail outs and political consulting.

See here the complete report.

3 Responses to “Lincoln Parish Sheriff’s Race – The Money”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Just looked at Stephen Willams report….a lot of money from outside businesses that want to DO business with the SO and DC…

  2. Watching all Says:

    Looked over report did not find any campaign violations.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Sure a lot of rumors about one candidate being thrown out there. Could it be that he is polling better than expected?

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