Administration Proposes “Flat” Budget for Ruston

Blaming last April’s tornado for unexpected utility repair costs, Ruston Mayor Ronny Walker asked that next fiscal year’s city budget show no net increase in spending. His comments were made at last night’s meeting of the Personnel-Finance Committee, comprised of all five members of the Board of Aldermen.

Said Walker, “I asked for a flat budget, and the department heads actually went a little farther, with the help of Laura (City Clerk Laura Hartt).”

Hartt added, “The mayor asked for us to provide a flat budget, mostly in response to the tornado damages, that were a huge cash expenditure for the city.”

She said total revenues are expected to be $70,473,000, a 5% increase over the 2018-19 budget. Expenditures are projected to be $62,317,000, a 2% decrease.

Hartt added that about $4 to $5 million was spent on tornado damage repairs, and that they expected to be reimbursed by FEMA for about 75% of those costs.

A 2% across the board employee raise is included in the budget.

Walker said the raises were funded within each department’s budget, and that there were no employee reductions, or loss of city services.

Asked by Ward Four Alderman Jim Pearce, Hartt said that the annual debt payment to cover the existing bond issues is about $1.5 million/yr.

Here is the complete budget document presented to the council.

The committee voted unanimously to recommend the budget to the council for adoption.

8 Responses to “Administration Proposes “Flat” Budget for Ruston”

  1. Robin hood Says:

    Be proud of the fine people that are taking care of Ruston

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Yes, with the exception of a scalawag or two.

  3. Walter’s twin brother Says:

    Walter, you not gonna report on your boy Emmett getting fired from the union parish school board? Y’all were best friends when he was screwing the finances up at the city of Ruston and feeding you bulls**** stories. Maybe you should keep stealing stories from the Ruston daily leader…….

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Ruston Daly What?

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