New Health Plan Proposed for LPSB Retireds

A new and improved health plan for retirees of the Lincoln Parish School System was discussed at last night’s meeting of the School Board.

According to District Superintendent Mike Milstead, there will be a meeting for all retirees Thursday, 8/29, 10:00 AM, at the Ruston Civic Center. Blue Cross/Blue Shield personnel will be available to answer individual questions.

Said Milstead, “Everything in and out of network is zero copay,” except for a $50 emergency room service. He added, “On top of this, our retirees do not pay a premium. Now their spouses will pay a premium, of course.”

Asked if the plan will rely on Medicare as the primary insurer, Business Manager George Murphy said the plan will be joint with Blue Cross/Blue Shield. Murphy said that retirees who are younger than 65 will have to stay on their existing plan until they attain that age.

See here a brochure provided by BC/BS.

In other money matters, the board adopted a budget revision to deal with a $3 million revenue shortfall from when the original budget was adopted last year. Almost all the shortfall will be made up through personnel attrition, rather than actual cuts.

See here the documents.

There was a quite lengthy list of personnel changes reported by Personnel Manager Doris Lewis.

See here the list.

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