Changes Contemplated for Lincoln School District Retiree’s Health Plan

Changes to the health plan for Lincoln Parish School District retirees is being contemplated, it was said at Tuesday night’s meeting of the Lincoln Parish School Board.

Said District Superintendent Mike Milstead, “The plan basically saves us anywhere from $800 thousand to a million dollars a year. It increases the coverage for the retirees. Their out of pocket will go from $5000 to $1000.”

He added, “Retirees who presently pay a zero premium every month – their spouses pay some – we want for that to continue.”

Further details will be forthcoming and a detailed plan will be presented at the August board meeting, Milstead said.

He noted that if no changes are made, by 2027 the cost of medical insurance for retirees would be increase to $16 million from today’s cost of $10 million.

Milstead also said that in order to get the budget in line, personnel reductions had been effected, all through attrition.

Twenty certified and thirty-three non-certified employee have left, either through resignations or retirement.


2 Responses to “Changes Contemplated for Lincoln School District Retiree’s Health Plan”

  1. Former Admnistrator Says:

    No cuts at the LPSB office — you can bet on that. The staff has at least doubled in the past 10 years.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    True story. Central office is inflated, and everyone knows it. They don’t care if we have to work two jobs. That’s why the strike is planned now.

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