Jail Addition Delays Discussed at Meeting

This morning’s meeting of the Lincoln Parish Detention Center saw discussion about delays in getting approval for a US Department of Agriculture loan to construct a 100 bed addition to the local jail.

Detention Center Warden Jim Tuten noted that this year’s original budget called for occupancy of the new wing around mid-year, but that was not now possible. About $700/day is spent housing overflow prisoners in other area jails, Tuten said.

Lincoln Parish Sheriff Mike Stone asked Lincoln Parish Police Jurors (LPPJ) Joe Henderson (District 9) and Randy Roberson (District 4) “What was the holdup.” Henderson chairs the commission, while Roberson, as LPPJ President, is also a commission member.

It appears that part of the delay was because the application was sent to the USDA office in Monroe, which was subsequently closed during the government shutdown earlier this year, and the paperwork was misplaced.

Henderson and Roberson noted that the sheriff was in charge of seeing that the process is properly followed, and that they were unaware of any issues.

Henderson said that while the delay was unfortunate, the jails budget has a comfortable surplus that can handle any short-term issues.

Also, Tuten reported that the jail didn’t escape last month’s tornado unscathed, as about 50 feet of the permiter fence was damaged.

One Response to “Jail Addition Delays Discussed at Meeting”

  1. Robin Hood Says:

    But we’re are we going to put the crooks that are in city hall now? It’s going to take additional place to house them all.

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