LPPJ Travel Budget Jammed Up

A planned junket to Las Vegas for the annual National Association of Counties (NACO) convention by some Lincoln Parish Police Jury members has run up against budget constraints.

The revelation came at last night’s meeting of the jury, during the monthly budget review.

Parish Treasurer Holly Lowry noted that over $6600 of the $10 thousand budgeted for travel had already been spent in the first three months of the year.

Said Lowry, “That money (the $6600) is made up of $2400 for police jury conference registration at the state conference and $3900 on travel. There are three jurors who are attending NACO, and the projected cost for their registration and hotel is $4700, which will take that line item over budget. Historically, the police jury has said that once we’ve spent the budget amount, the people are on their own for those costs.”

“Last year, we only had one or two jurors attend the state convention, whereas this year we had six. So that skews the cost higher than what we had spent last year. As a jury, you guys are going to need to decide whether to amend the budget – you don’t have to decide it tonight – but whether to amend the budget, or to have the jurors that are going to NACO travel on their own.”

“Estimated cost of airfare for each of the registrants is $400 apiece. And then outside of that they will need meal money for when their at the conference. That’s an action item you guys will need to take at the next meeting – and I just wanted to bring that up.”

See here the document.

At the start of the meeting, a procedural move occurred that we’ve not seen in the ten years of covering the jury.

Both President Randy Roberson and Vice-President Joe Henderson were absent, so a President Pro Tempore had to be elected.

There were four nominations – Theresa Wyatt, David Hammond, Walter Pullen, and Annette Straughter. All save Pullen were reluctant to take the gavel, so he was unanimously elected.

The jury also approved a request from the City of Grambling for ditching at several locations.

During the earlier Personnel/Benefits Committee meeting, Keith Barnes was nominated to the full jury to be reappointed to the Greater Ward One Waterworks District, and Mary Jo Cooper was nominated to be on the Lincoln Parish Library Board of Control.

On hand at the meeting was Sheriff’s candidate Randall Hermes to do a little glad-handing.

He noted that he had no plans to privatize the operation of the Lincoln Parish Detention Center, and that any contracts in force with the incumbent sheriff would be honored.


5 Responses to “LPPJ Travel Budget Jammed Up”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    does being on the police jury automatically entitle you to a trip to the yearly conference on the taxpayers dime? I assume that being an elected official is not their full time job? How bout you use the money you receive as your monthly salary to pay your own way if you really wanna go. Stop milking the taxpayers.

  2. Robin hood Says:

    That’s what I call a payed vacation,oh the joys of being a elected official

  3. Robinhood Says:

    Need to put more money in the travel budget so more police jurymen can go more. Let’s see,France,Germany,Israel,Alaska are just a few destinations that come to mind. We want our police jurymen to be happy as you know it’s hard to get good people to run for office

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