Mays Murder Trial Delayed for the Last Time, Judge Says

After Third Judicial District Division B Judge Tommy Rogers reminded the concerned parties that this was the last continuance (delay) allowed, he ordered that the second degree murder trial of Cameron Mays was to be rescheduled for Monday, April 29, 2019.

The action came yesterday morning during a hearing in Ruston. Mays was in the courtroom, along with alleged accomplices Brandon Bonton, Robert Demps, and Markeva Daye.

Prior to the start of court, the prosecutor and the defense attorneys could be seen conferring and consulting their calendars.

Mays is charged with a June, 2012 crime spree that resulted in the alleged murder of retired Grambling State University Professor Dr. Sue Hashway.

He was also charged with the aggravated rape and kidnapping of a Louisiana Tech University co-ed, for which he was convicted in April, 2016. That crime took place several days prior to the Hashway death.

Among Bonton’s charges are theft, accessory to burglary, accessory to murder 2nd and drug possession.

Daye and Demps are both charged with accessory to murder 2nd, accessory to burglary, drug possession, and possession of stolen things.

Mays’ attorney, Kia Richardson, said that Mays had been held on lockdown at Angola, and was unable to confer with her and co-counsel Dwayne Burrell. Rogers granted a request for an order directing the Louisiana Department of Corrections to allow Mays and his attorneys to communicate.

Demps and Daye are represented by Ruston Attorney Forest Moegle. Bonton’s attorney is Robert Noel.

Prosecuting the case is Assistant Attorney General Michelle Thompson.

Sumlin Cased Delayed, Again

Last Tuesday, former State Representative William Sumlin was yet again granted a delay. The next hearing date is May 26, 1:30 PM.

Sumlin was arrested in October, 2015 on a charge of indecent behavior with juvenile(s).

LaValle Salomon represented Sumlin, and Assistant District Attorney Lewis Jones appeared for the state.

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