Local LA House Race Finance Reports

The campaign for Louisiana House District 12 has an interesting money angle.

One candidate has raised and spent over $75 thousand, while the other has raised less than $5 thousand, as of the last reporting period.

Chris Turner, a Ruston businessman, has filed three campaign finance reports as of this morning.

His 1/24/19 report showed contributions of about $52 thousand, with expenditures of around $9.6 thousand.

Among the significant contributors ($1 thousand or more) were:

Louisiana Bankers Association
B&C Archery, Ruston
Courtesy Automotive, Ruston
Steven Davison, Ruston
John Emory, Jr, Choudrant
Bill Hogan, Ruston
Kay Malone, Ruston
Duke Marcus, Ruston
William McConnell, Ruston
Ann Mills, Choudrant
Pamela Stewart, Ruston
The Lincoln Agency
Connie Turner, Ruston
William Turner, Ruston

The most significant expenditure for this report was $2600 with the Bautsch Group, a Baton Rouge political consultant.

Turner’s 2/12/19 report showed over $11 thousand in contributions, $25 thousand in personal contributions or loans from the candidate to the campaign, and just over $27 thousand in expenditures.

Significant contributions include:

Todd Davison, Ruston
Forestry Political Action Council
Danny Graham
LHBA Political Action Council

The pace of expenditures picked up on this report, to include:

Ben Christmas Catering
Holbrook Multimedia
LHD Consulting
LR3 Consulting
Remington Research Group

A report filed today shows significant contributions from several political action committees:

ABC Pelican Pac
Bishop Pac
Lousiana Realtors Pac

Jake Halley, the other candidate, reported on 1/24/19 $3500 in contributions and about $1400 in expenditures.

Halley is from Farmerville.

The one significant contribution was Bynes Mechanical of West Monroe.

The 2/13/19 report shows $600 in contributions and about $2500 in expenditures.

Significant expenditures include $1,188 to Associate Business Printing, and $1000 to Tommy Carr of Farmerville for event planning.

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