Lincoln Parish Court House Repairs Underway

Employees and citizens who use the Lincoln Parish Court House have about two more weeks before renovations are completed to the main elevator. Also, bids will soon be solicited to partially re-roof the building.

The discussion and action was part of the Lincoln Parish Police Jury’s Public Property and Buildings Committee meeting last night.

Parish Administrator Courtney Hall said about the elevator repairs, “They’re probably 98% completed. Everything’s going to be electronic – state of the art. Prepare to be surprised.”

As for the roof, Hall added, “If you’re going to rehabilitate the building, you need to make sure the exterior of the building is sealed. We have an estimate from a roofer – it’s about $375 thousand.”

Theresa Wyatt (District One) made a motion to solicit bids for the project.

During the full jury meeting, action was taken to contract with the Lincoln Parish Sheriff’s Office for courthouse security. Two deputies will man the first floor entrance on West Texas during business hours.

On hand to lobby for the plan were Judges Tommy Rogers and Jeff Robinson. Lincoln Parish Clerk of Court Linda Cook was also present.

The jury also ratified Monday night’s committee action and appointed Holly Lowry as Parish Treasurer.

After the business matters were dispensed with at the Public Works Committee meeting, an interesting discussion broke out regarding rural water districts and the ongoing Sparta Aquifer issue.

Recently it was revealed that the Fellowship Water System south of Simsboro is only metering 20% of the water being drawn out of the aquifer. The rest, 80%, is lost to line leakage.

The operators are attempting to obtain grant funding to make repairs to the system.

Lincoln Parish has 20 water systems that draw water from the Sparta, which covers 16 parishes in North Louisiana.

Historically, the emphasis of water conservation has been geared toward the individual (lawn watering, car washing, toilet valve leaks, etc), while the issue of distribution system problems has been neglected.

That issue has been mentioned in the last several Sparta Commission meetings that we’ve attended.


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