Lincoln School Tax Plan Deleted from Agenda

In a surprise move, the Lincoln Parish School Board this morning removed a planned tax vote from the board’s agenda.

Had the board vote taken place and approved, a May, 2019 parish-wide tax election would have been called. If passed, the plan would have levied an additional 11.6 mil property tax to pay for various school programs and capital improvements.

See here the resolution.

Making the motion to amend the agenda was Danny Hancock (District 5), and seconding was Lisa Best (District 8).

The motion passed unanimously on a roll call vote.

Board President Joe Mitcham (District 6) said that more discussion needed to take place before any tax election could be held.

Said Mitcham, “We going to study it further – there’s several issues on that we need to consider. As of this time, it’s not going to be on the ballot.”

Reportedly, school board members heard from many of their constituents who were vociferously opposed to a new tax.

Several citizens – and at least one Police Juror – were in the audience who appeared to be ready to speak against the plan.

In other business the board re-elected Joe Mitcham as President, and Lynda Henderson as Vice-President.

5 Responses to “Lincoln School Tax Plan Deleted from Agenda”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    The School Board needs to control their budgets just like the tax payers have to!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Could Milstead’s vindictive dictatorship be crumbling? This is a major blow to his over size ego and it’s time people know that he’s not worried about the kids or his employees! He’s worried about his own glory!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Sounds familiar!

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