Police Jury Adopts Budgets

Budgets for calendar year 2018 (amended) and 2019 were adopted on a 9-0-1 vote at last Tuesday night’s meeting of the Lincoln Parish Police Jury. Abstaining was District Ten’s Nancy Wilson. Jurors Joe Henderson (District Nine), and Jody Backus (District Seven) were absent.

A public hearing on the budgets was scheduled for the 12/11/18, 7:00 PM jury meeting.

See here the documents.

Earlier during the Finance Committee meeting, jury Administrator Courtney Hall made several comments on the budgets.

Said Hall, “If you look at the total General Fund Budget, you can see that the original budget (for 2018 expenses) was $2.9 million, and the 2019 proposed 2019 budget will also be $2.9 million.”

Regarding the Court House Capital Fund, Hall remarked, “Our net expenses that we’re proposing for 2018 is about $390 thousand. Now looking at next, what that $600 thousand represents is number one the Exhibition Center, and two is the completion of the elevator project.”

The Personnel/Benefits Committee saw a bit of discussion, but no action on a proposed contract with the Lincoln Parish Sheriff’s Office to provide courthouse security.

Several of the jurors appeared uncomfortable with the $93 thousand annual cost for two deputies to man a metal detector at the main entrance on the south side of the building. It was noted that a bid from a private security company was higher than that from the LPSO.

Annette Straughter (District 12): “That’s going to average about $22 to $23 an hour.”

Hazel Hunter (District 2): “My concern is that $46 thousand, like $22 an hour, that’s a lot for a person.”

After a bit more discussion, Committee Chair Hunter called for a motion on the proposal, but no committee member responded. Bennett, Straughter and Hunter were the three committee members present.

Hunter said the matter would be on December’s meeting agenda.

The full jury approved a change order for the covered warm-up area at the North Louisiana Exhibition Center. The bids came in under budget, so the building size was increased to 190′ x 230′ from 160′ x 230′.

The total cost will be about $723 thousand.

Walter Pullen (District Six), again objected to the financing for the structure, saying the money shouldn’t be taken from a fund that should be dedicated to repair of existing jury-owned property.

“We just borrowed $2.6 million to add on to the detention center. It’s wrong to take the money out of the Courthouse Capital Fund to pay for something that is not a capital courthouse project.”

The vote was 7 for, 2 against, and 1 abstention.

Voting no were Pullen and David Hammond. Abstaining was Nancy Wilson.

One Response to “Police Jury Adopts Budgets”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    wanting to spend over 700 thousand on a “warm up pen” and crying over 93 thousand to protect the courthouse? get your priorities in order!

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