Sparta Commission Hears Reports

Last Wednesday’s meeting of the Sparta Groundwater Commission failed to garner a quorum for an official meeting, but nevertheless heard a series of reports and comments from the members.

Chairman Zack Spivey talked about the opportunity for water savings by the area’s water systems though proper maintenance of those systems to curtail leaks. He said that first the systems must measure the water they pump, and then compare that to what they sell.

Said Spivey, “I’m going to call that low hanging fruit. We should have some influence to encourage the rural water districts and the cities to know whether their numbers are good or not.”

Historically, the commission’s public relations efforts have focused on individual users, and encouraged conservation by fixing leaky faucets and minimal lawn watering.

Executive Director Lindsey Gouedy reported on the commission’s budget, and said that they were on target for the year.

Also, a former commission member, Richard Durrett was welcomed back. He was appointed by the Lincoln Parish Police Jury last week.

4 Responses to “Sparta Commission Hears Reports”

  1. Cowboy Says:

    What in the h*’ll is the Sparta Commission and how did it end up getting the power to do anything? It’s a bunch of unelected do-gooder liberals seeking the power to control all the Parishes under which the Sparta Aquifer lies. Who elected this bunch that is now running around seeking the power to tax and regulate landowner water rights? They’ve already tried to foist a tax on water usage under the all-too-familiar guise of environmental protection meant to save us poor deplorables from ourselves. When will you all learn to run these idiots off before they get the power to do some real damage? Didn’t that experience with the Rural Fire Board teach you anything?

    • Anonymous Says:

      Exactly Cowboy! They are never gonna give up until they control every aspect of our lives. We must stay on top of this, and fight them at every chance.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    And look at the entities who are serving on boards supporting the commission. Money and power seem to be their common theme.

  3. Ray Jones Says:

    I grew up in Ruston, but moved away a long time ago. I recently visited West Monroe (on Sparta water) The water quality was poor. It’s brown and salty. The USGS says the worsening condition is moving toward Ruston. You have nationally recognized ground water experts in your regional USGS office on West California. I encourage all residents of Lincoln Parish to inform themselves of the facts about your water. I wish you all the best.

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