Police Jury Awards Bid on Horse Barn

Construction of a covered warm-up arena at the North Louisiana Exhibition Center should begin soon, after the Lincoln Parish Police Jury recognized Pro-Build Construction of Homer as the low bidder. The action came at Tuesday’s meeting of the jury.

Markay Brown, of Meyer, Meyer, LaCroix & Hixson told jurors that Pro-Build’s base bid was about $502 thousand, well under the project budget. That was done, however, by reducing the size of the original scope, from a 230’x230′ building, to 160’x230′.

Brown said the low bid should allow 40′ to be added back on the size (200’x230′), and that could be done with a change order.

See here her letter and estimates.

See here the tabulations of all the bidders.

The voted 11-1 to proceed.

District Six’s Walter Pullen was the lone no vote. He had earlier this year objected to taking money dedicated to courthouse maintenance and using it for other projects.

Earlier, the Finance Committee approved the annual budget requests.

The $11 thousand increase for the Lincoln Total Community Action Agency was approved with the provision that it be for one year only.

Another change was for the Trailblazer program. The $4500 request was amended to $2250.

See here the list.

One Response to “Police Jury Awards Bid on Horse Barn”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    What does Jedd Lewis do for Meyer, Meyer, La Croix and Hixson?

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